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How to Recover Lost Data from Hard Disk Drives?

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February 14, 2019 (Updated: February 14, 2019锛

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Although you are careful about how you use your hard drive, things that are out of your control may cause data loss. For example, someone could format your hard drive. Also, an unexpected power outage could lead to the corruption of the data you have on your hard drive. Data loss can be frustrating, but HDD recovery is possible. In this article, we will show you how to recover hard disk drive easily. However, before that, let鈥檚 see the common data loss causes.

1. Common Scenarios for HDD Data Loss

1. Hard Drive Failure

What if you emptied your recycle bin or you permanently deleted the file using 鈥淪hift + delete鈥, don鈥檛 panic yet. Another method is to recover from previous version.

2. Virus/Malware Attack

Some viruses will delete your data. It is estimated that approximately 4 to 7% of data loss incidents are caused by viruses/malware. Using an antivirus is the best way to avoid data loss caused by viruses/malware.

3. Human Error

We are not perfect. Hence, we do make mistakes. Examples of human errors which lead to data loss include accidental deletion and accidental formatting.

4. Power Outages

If you are using a desktop computer with no backup power source, power outages can affect you drastically. They could lead to the loss of the data you hadn鈥檛 saved. Also, they could lead to the corruption of the files you currently have on your hard drive.

2. Important Notices Before Recovering HDD

For HDD recovery to be successful, the lost data shouldn鈥檛 be overwritten. Below, we have some tips which can help you avoid further data loss:

  • Avoid accessing data on the hard drive. Do not edit or even view files or folders available on the hard drive.
  • Avoid saving or creating files on the hard drive.
  • Avoid formatting or reformatting the hard drive.
  • Do not try to rebuild the partition table.
  • Avoid installing recovery software on the same hard drive where you lost your data.

3. How to Recover Data from Hard Disk Drive

To recover hard disk drive successfully, you need a good HDD recovery software. The best HDD recovery software is known as AnyRecover. AnyRecover makes it extremely easy for you to get back all the data you have lost. No prior technical knowledge is required for you to have the ability to recover your data using AnyRecover.

AnyRecover Data Recovery

1,000,000+ Downloads

Key Features of AnyRecover

  • The tool will make your HDD recovery both easy and quick. AnyRecover will not be complicated to use even if you are using it for the first time.
  • AnyRecover supports more than 1000 file types, including audio files, videos, images, photos, documents, archives, emails, etc.
  • The tool won鈥檛 just help you recover data from hard drives. AnyRecover works with all storage media on your memory card, mobile phone, camcorder, flash drives, digital cameras, etc.
  • The tool supports the recovery of data lost via accidental deletion, formatting, lost partition, OS crash, damaged hard drive, and virus/malware attack.

Try It FreeTry It Free

We have outlined the easy steps you need to follow to recover data lost via accidental deletion below:

Step 1: After opening AnyRecover on your PC, choose 鈥Deleted Files Recovery鈥.

anyrecover deleted photos recovery

Step 2: Select the hard drive that you lost data from. Tap the 鈥Next鈥 button.

anyrecover deleted photos recovery

Step 3: Select the file types you would like to recover and then click 鈥Scan鈥. Allow AnyRecover to scan your hard drive and locate the lost files.

anyrecover deleted photos recovery

Step 4: After the scan, all the lost files will be displayed. Preview these files and select the files you would like to get back. Tap 鈥Recover鈥 to get the files back.

anyrecover deleted photos recovery

anyrecover deleted photos recovery


If you have lost your data, you shouldn鈥檛 get stressed or panic. This article shows you the easiest way to recover hard disk drives. We have shown you the best HDD recovery tool you should use. If you have never used an HDD recovery software before, you shouldn鈥檛 be worried that AnyRecover will be complicated to use. You don鈥檛 require any technical knowledge to use it. You can use AnyRecover to recover the data you have lost on other storage devices. The tool will help you recover your data irrespective of how the data got lost. The AnyRecover trial version will help you confirm whether it will work for you before you pay for it.

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