PDF Recovery: How to Recover Corrupt, Damaged, or Deleted PDF Files

What is A PDF File?

The Portable Document Format (PDF) was designed by Adobe Inc. as a compact document format that would preserve all the fonts, formatting, graphics, and color of any source document regardless of the application that was used to create it.

The PDF is the most reliable and commonly used document file format, but this reliability and popularity don’t stop PDF file corruption, damage or loss. More so, you may accidentally delete your important PDF files from your external backup drive and empty the recycle bin. If you’re searching for a solution to recover PDF files, then follow the solutions below to get the help you need.

How to Recover PDF Files via Using iMyFone AnyRecover

If the lost, corrupt or deleted PDF documents and files contain sensitive personal or business information or data, then you need a safe and reliable data recovery software to get it back. There are numerous online and offline trial/error and less efficient tools/techniques for recovering corrupt or deleted PDF file, but these tools may cause more harm than good, so we recommend iMyFone AnyRecover for safe and easy data recovery.

iMyFone AnyRecover is the most efficient, reliable, safe, and trusted PDF recovery software. This tool supports Windows and Mac operating systems, it’s easy to use, and recovers other file formats.

AnyRecover Data Recovery

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Characteristics of the Product:

  • Recover corrupt, lost, damaged and deleted PDF files and data even from the empty recycled bin.
  • Supports the recovery of lost files due to virus attack, sudden deletion, or damage to the external hard drive.
  • Offers advanced deep-scan algorithm to recover more than 98% of lost data and files.
  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista and macOS 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6.

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PDF recovery steps via using iMyFone AnyRecover:

Step 1. Launch AnyRecover on your computer, and select “Deleted Files Recovery” mode.

Deleted Files Recovery

Step 2. Select the location that you lost the files and click “Next”.

select location

Step 3. Check the type of file you want to recover, and click “Scan”.

select file type

Step 4. AnyRecover will scan your hard drive for the lost files, and present a list of recoverable files. You can preview and select the one to recover before clicking the “Recover” tab.

preview and recover

What If the Recovered PDF Files are Virus or Malware Corrupted?

There are situations when a recovered file is virus corrupt, and your file viewer or reader is not able to access such files. If this is the case with your recovered PDF files, then you can employ any of the following solutions to repair the corrupt files.

#1. Check and Repair Adobe Reader

There is usually panic when we see any of the following errors:

  • PDF File not readable with your software
  • The root object is invalid or missing
  • The file is damaged or corrupt
  • There was an error opening this document
  • There was an error processing this page
  • It contains info not understood by the viewer
  • Format error- Not a PDF File or Corrupted

However, the PDF file may not be corrupt even when you see these error codes, most times the PDF Adobe reader may be the culprit. Therefore, there is a need to repair the PDF file reader before moving forward to repair the PDF file especially when there is a similar problem opening other files.

Here is How to Check and Repair Adobe Reader:

Step 1: Check for Adobe Reader Update

  • Launch Abode Deader on your computer, and go to “Help > Check for Updates”.
  • check for update

  • You can see if the Adobe reader is up to date. If there is a new update available, install it.

Step 2. Repair Adobe Reader:

  • If the Adobe reader is faulty, you can repair it by opening the program on your PC.
  • Repair Adobe Reader Installation

  • Go to “Help > Repair Adobe Reader Installation”.

#2. Repair the PDF File

You can easily restore a PDF file to a state it was in time past, and this would get it repaired.

Step 1. Launch Windows Explorer, and search for the PDF file you want to repair.
Step 2. Right-click on the file and select “Properties” from the drop-down menu.

restore to previous version

Step 3. Select “Previous Version” to choose a version you need.
Step 4. Open the version you selected to ensure it’s fine, then click “Restore” tab.

Now, we have all we need to restore and repair a corrupt PDF file on Windows or Mac computer. Do note that iMyFone AnyRecover is the best and safest tool for recovering lost, corrupt or formatted PDF files. So, ensure to get a copy of AnyRecover now.

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