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How to Recover Deleted Files from Flash Drive

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Daniel Evans

July 3, 2018 (Updated: January 14, 2019)• Filed to: PC Data Recovery

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We all know Flash Drives (USB) are very important tools for transferring data from one device to another. It is also known to be an incredible backup tool that stores as well as transfers data. However, there are instances where these USB Flash Drives are corrupted, or files are deleted accidentally during transfer. The question we are now left is: how do we recover these deleted files from flash drive?

Solution 1: Recover Deleted Files in Flash Drive Using a Recovery Tool

If you've tried all kinds of ways to find deleted files, but still cannot get your files back, now you'll need a professional tool to help you solve your problems easily. So when you encounter data loss or deleted files from your USB Flash Drive, you should try out a recovery tool. These recovery tools are mainly computer running programs that ensure permanent recoverability of deleted files from your PC and desktop.

However, there are many recovery tools you could make use of, but the recommended one is AnyRecover. AnyRecover is a recovery tool that helps you recover deleted files from flash drive whenever you lost your data.

AnyRecover Data Recovery

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Advantages of AnyRecover

  • Everything is Recoverable - Supports more than 1000 data formats, including almost all images, documents, multimedia files, emails, archives, etc.
  • 100% Safe Data Recovery – Recovers files 100% safely from different data loss cases on various devices without overwriting original data.
  • Recover from Anywhere – Recovers not only from flash drives but also from computers, hard drives, memory cards, mobile phones, cameras and camcorders etc.
  • Recover Gaurantee –It has three scan levels to ensure getting data back with easy operation.

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There are different steps involved with using AnyRecover as a recovery tool, they include:

Step 1: Launch the AnyRecover data recovery software and select "External Device Recovery" that explains your situation to recover data.

recover deleted files

Step 2: Connect your flash drive to the computer and click “Next”.

recover deleted files

Step 3: Select the file type you need to recover and click “Scan” to start finding data.

recover deleted files

Step 4: After it finished scanning, it will list all your lost files. You can choose to preview first and then click "Recover".

recover deleted files

After the process finished, you will get back your deleted files from flash drive!

Solution 2: Recover Deleted Files in Flash Drive Using CMD

One way to recover deleted files in flash drive is using Command Prompt. It is termed the simplest way to recover files. However, Command Prompt is a window application available on Windows Operating System, and its use for recovering files could be very straightforward.

Steps Used to Recover deleted files from Flash drive using CMD:

Step 1: Insert your USB Drive to the port where it was lost and press windows, then click on start and look for the “Search programs and files” option.
Step 2: Type “CMD” and press “Enter” to open the Command prompt window.

recover deleted files from flash drive

Step 3: While in the Command Prompt window, type chkdsk H: /f and press “Enter.” (however, you can replace the H with the USB Flash Drive letter).

recover deleted files usb

Step 4: Afterward, type Y and press “Enter” to proceed with the program.
Step 5: Type H or the USB Flash Drive letter and press “Enter” again.
Step 6: Lastly, type H and press the Enter key.
Step 7: In few seconds or minutes, wait for the process to be completed.

recover deleted files usb

At the end of this program, all deleted files will be found on a new folder created on the USB drive, which can then be moved to a new, different location.

Solution 3: Restore A Previous Version of Files or Folders

Another way to recover deleted files from a flash drive is to restore a previous version of files or folders. However, previous versions are either copies of files and folders which have been created by Windows backup or files and folders which Windows has automatically saved as a part of its restore point.

These previous versions can be used to recover files that have been deleted or modified by accident, depending on the type of file or folder.

Steps involved with restoring a previous version of files or folders:

Step 1: Right-click with your mouse on the file or folder, and then click on Restore Previous Versions.
Step 2: However, before restoring a previous version, select and review the previous version to be sure it is the right version.
Step 3: Restore the previous version, by selecting the previous version and click on Restore.

restore from backup window usb

Tips: How to Keep Your Flash Drive Safe

It's annoying to lose or accidentally delete important files in your flash drive. The good news is that there are many ways to recover files that have been deleted. You may be able to avoid such problems if you pay attention to daily use. To avoid the above problems, here are a few tips to keep your flash drive safe:

  • Setting user permissions for your drive to prevent unauthorized users from messing up with data on your drive. Right click on your drive, navigate to the Security tab and tap "Edit". Not set the suitable permissions.
  • Maintain a routine scanning of your device to keep your flash drive safe. Format your USB drive from time to time and keep up to date antivirus software.
  • Don’t plug any unknown flash drives into your computer - this is one of the most important pieces of advice you need to know.
  • Don’t use any random computer when you in public, because it may carry multiple viruses that would braking your flash drive in just a second.
  • Go offline while transferring data so chances for getting your flash drives infected are low.
keep your flash drive safe

In conclusion, all the methods listed above as a solution to restore and recover deleted files from hard drive are quite good. They ensure files and folders lost are recoverable using simple techniques. However, to recover these files and folders safely, you may need to make use of some professional tools.

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