Are All My SD Card Photos Lost for Good? Get Them Back Now!

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Great moments in our lives often come with great photographs. Even when most modern cellphones come with an integrated camera, there are many people who enjoy taking more professional photos of their moments with DSLR cameras. But, what if you took some amazing photos of your last summer’s trip to the beach but someone deleted them by accident and now they are gone? Well, you don’t have to panic, since there are many options for SD card photo recovery:

1. SD Card Photo Recovery - Using Professional Recovery Tools

Luckily for you and those memories that you simply do not want to lose forever, there are several options for professional SD card photo recovery tools in the market that will help you bring those pictures back to life. Here are some of those options:

  • EaseUS: EaseUS is a great and easy-to-use software that helps you bring back all the photos you thought were lost for good. You just have to download the free software, launch the integrated Data Recovery Wizard to scan the SD card and then select all the pictures that got deleted by accident and click on “recover”.

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  • Pandora Recovery: This is a powerful tool –and also free- that is very helpful for recovering pictures you accidentally deleted from your SD card. You just have to download it to your computer, plug in your SD card and launch the program. The main interface is easy to use and shows you a preview of the images you can recover.

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  • Zero Assumption Recovery: While this is a paid option that has many features, the trial version –which is free to use - incorporates an SD card photo recovery tool that is powerful and easy to use. Just download the trial version, select your SD device and scan for deleted files you can recover. It is quick and simple.

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  • Undelete 360: This software also has a paid version and a free version. Both of them let you recover files from any device you plug into your computer, and the only downside of the free version is that after scanning the devices and visualizing all the photos you can recover, you have to select each file individually. This is a very small downside when compared to losing all your summer photos, so you should give it a try.

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2. General Tips for SD Card Photo Recovery

Before you perform a SD card photo recovery, one of the first things you should know after accidentally deleting all those gorgeous pictures you took with your camera at your summer trip, is that time is a pressing matter. Different SD card brands work in different ways, some of them storing deleted photos for a determined amount of time and some of them saving those pictures just up to a certain file size or number. In any case, you should try to recover your photos as soon as you can after you accidentally delete them, especially if you are not sure what is the particular case with your SD card.

Also, it is highly recommendable that you try not to take any more photos before recovering your previous ones, since this could lead to the deleted photos becoming impossible to recover.

3. Tips for Keeping Your Memory Cards as Healthy as Possible

Even if you are extremely careful while browsing the files inside your SD card and know enough about file managing to keep them safe and not delete them by accident, you should always remember that the physical SD card is a somewhat fragile piece of technology that should be handled carefully as well.

Some basic tips to prevent your SD card from suffering hardware damages are avoiding water to come anywhere near your SD card (unless it is inside a waterproof camera), keeping it safe from the dust in an SD card holder –often included when you buy it- and never touching the golden parts with your bare fingers, since oil in your fingers can damage the information inside permanently.

4. What Can You Do If the SD Card Doesn’t Mount?

If you can’t even tell which pictures of your summer got deleted since the card won’t mount on your camera or the reader in your computer, here are some things you could try:

  • Make sure that the lock switch is not activated, since most SD cards include one to prevent files from getting read and/or accidentally deleted and if the lock position is selected, you won’t be able to view the contents.
  • Check for dust or water in the golden parts and clean them if there are any, since particles can prevent your reader from accessing the contents in the SD card for security reasons –assuming they haven’t damaged the card for good.
  • Try in a different device: the problem could be the SD card reader in your computer or camera and not the SD card itself.


The conclusion is that SD cards are a great, cheap and reliable way of storing important memories and photos, but they should always be taken care of properly. And also, it is important not to panic if you accidentally delete the photos inside your SD card, as there are many options available for dedicated software capable of recovering recently deleted photos. Don’t worry about SD card photo recovery, your summer pictures can certainly be brought back to life!