Everything about WD External Hard Drive Recovery

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Have you suddenly lost important data that you absolutely need on your WD external hard drive? Even the well-made disks can fall prey to errors that can make you lose data. You may wonder that is it possible to recover data from an external hard drive? And also what factors that cause external hard drive data loss? Let’s take a look at the answer from this article.

Part 1. Factors That Cause External Hard Drive Data Loss

When it comes to WD external hard drive recovery, you may need some knowledge both about recovery and prevention. Knowing how to prevent data loss, you first need to know what caused it. So here are a few things that can cause data loss on a WD external drive:

  • Errors during format - Sometimes when you first connect your WD drive to your system, your system decide to put you in a very difficult situation - “between a rock and a hard place” if you will. During initial connection, a pop-up window will sometimes arise telling you that your disk is not formatted, and asking you if you would like to “format it now?” Unfortunately, there’s no good answer to this question. If you click no, you can’t access your drive. But if you click yes, you lose all files.
  • Transfer errors - If you make it through the initial connection with no problem, you could run into transfer errors. These are errors that occur while you are transferring your data from one area to another. Power surges or unstable power sources are the most common cause of this type of error.
  • Accidental delete - Sometimes data loss is not the fault of our software - it’s at the fault of human hands. Human errors are a common cause of accidental file deletion.
  • Viruses - We all know how much damage a virus can do, and when a virus takes over it has complete access to all of our files and programs - and your WD external hard drive is not safe. Viruses can corrupt your entire system, and are a common cause of file loss.

These are the four most common causes of data loss on WD external drives, but they are far from the only concern. Other things that can cause data loss include bad sectors, partition errors, dropping the drive, reformatting the drive, water damage, and so on and so forth. Also there are ways and tools for WD external hard drive recovery.

Part 2. Is It Possible to Recover Data from An External Hard Drive?

Recover files from hard drive is possible. When you delete files from your phone, computer, or WD drive, you might think that they are deleted forever, but they aren’t! Just because a file or document has been erased from view, doesn’t mean it’s been completely erased. 

And if you have ever wondered how forensic investigators recover deleted data from phones and computers, it’s through the use of special software tools. These tools go deep into a phones, computers, and disks to pull out information that has been “deleted” from the human eye, but not permanently.

Part 3. How Can You Keep Your WD Hard Drive Healthy?

Unfortunately, not all of these things can be prevented. When things happened, you may need some effective ways or even some paid tools to recover your data from WD external hard drive. But when possible, do your best to handle your WD drive with care, and store somewhere safe and secure - away from water or other things that may cause damage. Here are a few tips you can apply to keep your hard drive healthy:

1 Back Up

Actually, no matter how careful you are and no matter how many measures you take to stay away from failure, the drive will sometimes die a painful death. Then what can you do now? If you don’t have a backup, you may lose all your data and your hard work on it. So using a backup solution is an effective way that you can at least transfer them from one drive to another.

2 Update Your Operating System

Updating your operating system to the latest version ensure that you can run your ststem better and eliminate the possibility that may cause external hard drive failure. It’s also important to keep your computer healthy. When it comes to computers of any kind, it’s better to be prepared for the worst situation.

3 Be Careful about the Surrounding Environment

In daily life, be careful about where do you put your computer on. Don’t let it stuck in a small room, cause it always run hot. Thus it will shorten the service life of the internal components of the computer and it will also affect when you use an external hard drive. Instead of shoving those machines into tight, unventilated spaces, give them plenty of breathing room.

Protect your computer from viruses, and monitor your actions closely so you don’t accidentally delete something. If you can do this, you should be able to prevent most WD disk errors.