How to Bypass iCloud Activation

Question: Hello does anyone know how to remove iCloud lock from a iPhone? My sister gave me her old iPhone which she had since she was 14 but she has so many accounts now and can’t remember the password to this one. Please help, thanks.

Once iCloud lock has been activated, it is proved very complicated to remove or deactivate it. Here we offer 3 methods for your to bypass iCloud activation.

1 Contact the Previous Owner

The easiest way to do this is to call the previous owner of the phone and ask them to turn off their Find My iPhone. If you bought it from someone, they might have forgotten to remove all their personal information and accounts from the phone before handing it over.

If the device has already been erased, you will have to take it back to them to input their Apple ID and password. This way, they will remove the device from their account and the device will become available for use. If you can’t get to them physically, they can still remove the device from their account using the following steps:

  • Sign into with Apple ID and go to Find My iPhone
  • Select on the Device List and then select your device
  • Click Remove from Account

remove icloud account from iPhone

Once you get confirmation that they have removed the phone, turn off the phone, turn it back on and you will be prompted to begin the setup process.

2 Bypass iCloud Activation Using Third-party Software

If you do not have access to the owner of the iPhone, the other option for you is to use a 3rd party software. To do this, here is a software that is highly recommended. It is iMyFone iOS System Recovery.

iMyFone iOS System Recovery

This iOS System Recovery tool is used to fix various iPhone issues and can also bypass Apple security using the Advanced mode. The program usually doesn’t affect the data on the, but when in advanced mode, it will erase the data stored on the phone. iMyFone iOS System Recovery will also update your device to the latest iOS during its recovery process.The program works by scanning the device, identifying the problem and fixing it.  To bypass the iCloud lock on your device, follow the steps below:

1. Download iMyFone iOS System Recovery to your computer and launch the program. Click on the Start button that pops up in the middle of your screen.

run the program

2. Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. Then click "Start" to begin when the program detects your iPhone.

start to fix iOS system issues

3. Download firmware. Firmware works to fix the issues with your iPhone so it will locate the problem itself, and work to fix it.

download firmware

4. Once the fixing process is done, your device will reboot and will be back to normal.

fixing system is done

Windows version Mac version

3 Bypass iCloud Activation Using Online Unlock Service is an online unlock service that unlocks iPhones for a fixed fee. The unlocking process takes a few working days. They can also unlock iPhones from anywhere in the world as long as they have the phone’s details- IMEI and model. The IMEI is a number used to identify mobile devices. Every phone has a unique one.

If you do not know your IMEI, here’s how to find it:

  • If you use an iPhone 5 or a newer model, your IMEI is printed at the back of your phone
  • If you have an older model, dial *#06#

Here is How to Use This Service:

go to

Go to the website and fill in the required information. Click on the Unlock Now tab and a secure page will open where you can fill in your payment details. They accept both Visa and MasterCard.
The unlocking process will begin once you pay and you will be sent periodic mails to keep you informed on their progress.