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Top 4 iCloud Bypass Tools

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Michael Watson

August 25, 2017 (Updated: February 18, 2019)

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Question: What options do I have if I want to unlock or bypass iCloud lock on my iPhone?

There are several iCloud bypass tools out there that promise several benefits so it is easy to get confused. This is a list of tools we have tried or gotten confirmed positive reviews on, their prices, functionality and how to use them. They are arranged in no particular order and your choice should depend on which offer suits your needs best.

Here are the Top 4 iCloud bypass tools:

1. Apple’s Official Method

The first option is Apple’s official method. If you have access to the owner, you can take the device to them and have them put in their Apple ID details and unlock the phone. If you cannot get to them physically, they can also unlock the phone wherever using this method:

  • Sign into their Apple ID and select the device to remove from their account
  • Select Action then Erase iPhone
  • Re-enter Apple ID and select Erase
  • Click Remove from Account

Sign in with Apple ID

If for some reason they already erased the device, they should use this method:

  • Sign into using their Apple ID
  • Go to Find My iPhone and select All Devices to see the list of devices their account is linked to.
  • Select your device and click Remove from Account.

Once they do this, you can restart the device and begin the set up process.

2. iCloudin

A free tool you can use is the iCloudin tool. It is compatible with all Apple devices and many people have sent in positive reviews of this tool. It is also very easy to use although sometimes it seems difficult to find what you are looking for on the website due to its cluttered look. Here is how to use it:

  • Go here to download the Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Tool.
  • Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable and then launch the program.
  • Click start and you will be presented with a list of models, select your phone’s model and click Next.
  • The software will scan your device and begin its process.


The process should take between 20-30 minutes but once it is done, your phone will reboot and you will be prompted to set it up.


Another option is the You can use this software to bypass iCloud lock and it costs £19.99 which is a good bargain for the good service you will be getting.

To use this software:

1. Open the website and click on the iCloud Unlock option in the side bar.

2. Enter the model and IMEI of the phone you want to unlock.

To find your IMEI, for iPhone 5s and later, your IMEI is printed at the back of your phone. For older models, *#06# or check for a little ‘i’ on the screen, click on that and the IMEI will appear.

3. Once you put in the required information, you will be taken to a secure page where you can make your payment. The unlocking process will begin as soon as you do that. The price is £19.99.

4. Open My iCloud

Finally, we recommend the Open My iCloud easy unlock tool. It comes in highly recommended for people who use iPhones but have Windows PCs. It is also free, easy to use and works with all iOS devices. You can unlock your phone in 15 minutes using just this software and your IMEI. To learn how to find your IMEI, refer to the Official iPhone Unlock paragraph. To download this tool, go here.

Open My iCloud

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Key Features:

  • It is an efficient data recovery tool that can help you recover WhatsApp messages, WeChat messages, notes, videos, photos, contacts, and so on.
  • It's "Fix iOS System" feature can fix various problems including the iPhone stuck in recovery mode, DFU mode, Apple logo and so on. You can fix the problems without data loss by using the Standard Mode.
  • It allows you to view the data in your iCloud and iTunes backup without restoring your device.
  • It comes with a free trial version and is compatible with almost all iOS versions (including iOS 11, iOS 12) and iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max.
  • It is completely safe and easy to use.

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