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Details About All Attractive Tricks in iOS 13 iMessage

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Tata Davis

August 19, 2016 (Updated: July 15, 2019锛

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The iOS 13 has recently been released for the public. Some major updates have been included in this new version. However, one of the major upgrades have been integrated to the app iMessage such as handwritten messages, iOS messages video etc. The iOS 13 iMessage have been given a new look.


Details About iOS 13 iMessage: Bubble & Screen Effects, Animated Stickers, Emojis etc

Part 1: How to Add & Cancel Bubble Effects in The New iMessage?

Having discussed the main features that have been added to iOS 13 iMessage, let us focus more on the bubble effects introduced by Apple. As mentioned earlier, the latest feature will allow you to individually add effects to chat bubbles. So if you want to emphasize a certain message, you can make the chat bubble for that message a bit bigger so that it conveys the message accordingly.

In order to add a bubble, all you need to is:

Step 1: Type in the message.

Step 2: Use either 3D touch by pressing the Send button firmly or pressing it for a little longer.

Step 3: The bubble tab will appear and you will have to select it.

Step 4: To add an effect, tap on the effect you want.

Step 4: Press Send which appears an upward arrow.

In order to cancel the effect, you can press the X button just beside your message.

ios 10 bubble

Part 2: How to Use Screen Effects in iOS 13 iMessage?

So this is another interesting feature in the latest iMessage. The full-screen effect changes your entire background in full-screen. For example, if you send someone a message wishing them happy birthday, the full background changes into a display of fireworks.

To add a screen effect to your iOS 13 messages:

Step 1: Type in your iOS 13 text message.

Step 2: Using the 3D touch feature, press the send button strongly or simply hold it for a long while.

Step 3: The Screen tab will appear and you need to select it.

Step 4: You can then swipe from right to left to view the effects and stop on the one that you want.

Step 5: Press the send button which appears as an upward arrow.

ios 10 full screen

Part 3: How Do I Access Apps in iOS 13 iMessage?

The new iMessage will let you access third-party apps without having to leave iMessage itself. So now you can order an Uber or pay someone from within iMessage. This really eases up a bit of extra work.

In order to access the apps, you will need to do the following:

Step 1:Tap on the ">" button in the iMessage app.

Step 2:The app button will appear which looks like the App Store icon.

Step 3:From here you can access any app you like.

Step 4:You can also get a number of iMessage apps by tapping the More button "+".

access apps in imessage

Part 4: How Do I Get Animated Stickers? How do I Put A Sticker on Top of Another iMessage?

There a lot of animated stickers that you can use to add more emphasis to your iOS 13 messages. It depends on the designer as to what sort of stickers he/she makes.

If you want to add a sticker to a message, you will need to do the following:

Step 1:To access the stickers, you need to tap the show more button ">".

Step 2:Choose the sticker pack you want by swiping.

Step 3:Simply tap the sticker that you want.

Step 4:Drag and drop the sticker onto the message wherever you want it and release.

ios 10 animated stickers

Part 5: How to Use iOS 13 Handwriting?

Handwriting is a new and interesting feature in iOS 13 iMessage. It lets you send handwritten messages.

In order to send a handwritten message, you will need to do the following:

Step 1:After the opening up the Messages app, you will need to rotate the device to a landscape orientation. This will bring the handwriting canvas.

Step 2:You can tap on a stock image or a message that is handwritten already. Additionally, you can write your own message by using your finger.

Step 3:After you are finished, tap the "Done" button.

Step 4:Press the send button which will be an upward arrow.

ios 10 hand writing

Part 6: How to Use Emojis in iOS 13 iMessage?

There is also iOS 13 new emojis that you can use to add to your messages. The tapback feature allows you to react to a message directly that is sent to you. All you have to do is press the message that is sent to you and the various emojis will appear. Tap the one you like and release.

ios 10 emojis

Conclusion: How Your iOS 13 messages Will Never Be The Same?

1. Integration with Third-party Apps: The new iMessage will allow you to use various third-party apps from within the iMessage app, so you will not have to leave iMessage.

2. iOS 13 Handwritten Messages: The new update to iMessage lets you write your message with your own hands.

3. The Tap to Replace Feature: You do not have to scroll down for emojis. Rather, you simply need to tap the words and you can replace them with relevant emojis.

4. The Invisible Ink: This feature lets the sender send a message that is hidden or scrambled. The only way to decipher is to swipe across the message.

5. Tapback: Too lazy to write "yes" or "no" to a message?? Well, the tapback simply eases your work by letting you tap the message and putting a sticker to it reflecting your response.

6. Bubble Effects: With the latest bubble effects, you can add effects to individual chat bubbles.

7. Camera Can Be Accessed from Within The App: You can simply tap the camera button in iOS 13 iMessage to send a snapshot of yourself.

8. Full-screen Background Effects: The new iMessage lets you add an effect to the background in full-screen rather than just a static picture.

9. Sharing & Playing Music Become Even Easier: You can now play and share your favorite songs without going out from iOS 13 iMessage.

10. The Links That Are Shared Are More Appealing : iMessage has altered the way a link appears when it is shared.

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