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Top 10 iOS 13 Hidden Tricks and Features

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Tata Davis

August 23, 2016 (Updated: July 17, 2019锛

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iOS 13 is finally here and Apple fans couldn't have been happier. The update has come with a number of great changes and many of the users are still trying to get used to them. However, during the iOS 13 announcement in the month of June while features, like App Store for iMessages, better Siri, etc. were discussed, Apple didn't talk about a number of other hidden features.

Thus, to help you out, we have created a list of some pretty useful iOS 13 tricks and features.

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Hidden iOS 13 Tricks锛 Make Everthing Wonderful

1 Image Search in iMessages

Now you no longer need GIF keyboard apps as you can now directly search for images from the iMessages App. While typing a message, simply tap on the App Store icon and then get to the images page by swiping. Here you can select an available category or enter your own search term.

2 Save Data by Sending Smaller Photos

Open the Settings and then Messages. Now, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for "Low Quality Image Mode" and enable it. If you are using a limited data plan, this feature can come in very handy.

3 Mail Filters

Now you only need a single tap to filter messages in the Mail app. While you are viewing your mailbox, look in the lower-left corner for filter icon. The filter is set to default for showing the unread messages. You can tap on this "Unread" category to filter the messages on the basis of the available categories.

4 View Two Tabs of Safari at once on iPads

Apple did mention in the June announcement that now users can view two Safari tabs at once on iPads and it turns out that there are a few ways to do this. Here is one of the cool iOS 13 tricks- Simply drag a Safari tab to one side of the screen. Or, long press the link and a new menu will open. In this new menu, select "Open in Split View".

5 Close All the Tabs at Once

You can not just view two Safari tabs at a time, but can also close them all at once with the new iOS 13 update. If you are using an iPad, long press "Tab View" button and then select "Close X Tabs". And if you are using an iPhone, tap on "Tab View", long press the "Done" button and then tap on "Close X Tabs".

6 Never Forget your Parking Spot

If you have CarPlay or other standard Bluetooth system equipped in your car, you will receive an alert as you tune this system off before exiting your car. Now the alert for Parked Car will plot the position of your car on the Apple Maps to help you find your car.

7 Prioritize Installation of Apps

If you want to restore your IOS device, now you don't need to wait for hours to download a restore a particular app. We have a great iOS 13 tricks for you. With the help of 3D Touch, you can tap on an app and then tap on Prioritize Download from the options to download a particular app first.

8Share and Work Together with Notes

iOS 13 update has brought in a new feature with the help of which you can share a note from Apple Notes App with your colleague or contact. For doing this, open the note that you want to share and then tap on the Share button which you will find at the top of your screen. Select the method through which you want to send your invite, enter the name of the contact and then tap on send.

9 3D Touch to Add Widgets

Until now, when you tapped on the icon of the app, you were presented with the available shortcuts of that app. But with the iOS 13 update, you will also find the widgets that are compatible with the app when you tap its icon. Simply long press the app icon and then tap on Add Widget button to add widgets.

10 Listening to Music and Taking Pictures

With the iOS 13 update, now the music will not pause when you open the camera app. Continue listening to your favourite music while clicking as many picture as you want. However, taking live video or pictures will pause the music.

My Personal Favourites for These iOS 13 Tricks

Among the above mentioned iOS 13 tricks and features, 3 of my favourites are:

1 Share and Work Together on Notes

If use Apple Notes for writing down all my professional ideas. And now I get to easily share them with others right from the Notes app. Before I used to copy the text on Notes and paste it on Messages to send them to my colleagues. But now I get to send them directly.

2 Close All the Tabs at Once

ios 10

I hated the process of closing all the opened tabs one by one on the Safari browser. But with the iOS 13 update now I get to close all the tabs by simply tapping a single button. Trust me, it saves a lot of time.

3 Listening to Music and Taking Pictures

I am sure every Apple iPhone and iPad user hated the fact that they need to pause the music that they are listening to, to take pictures. However, with the new update, we can now easily take as many pictures as we want while still listening to music.

While these are my personal favourites, which one of these iOS 13 tricks and features do you like the most? Share them with us through the comments section.

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