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Hot Apple iOS 10 Videos: Concept, Rumoured Features, Wishlist

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Gabriel Hammond

June 12, 2016 (Updated: August 4, 2020锛

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With the tech world rife with expectations about the arrival of the iOS 10 mobile operating system, the user community is stretching its imagination to create wish lists of stuff they need to have. Now, the speculations regarding the new operating system include the new concept design and iCloud Voicemail makeover. While the list shows no sign of abetting, the following videos will help calm some nerves or will it:


1 iOS 10 Concepts

This concept video by Federico Viticci and Sam Beckett provides you with the outline of what all to expect, speculate and dream of.


2 iOS 10 By Ralph Theodory

This video by Ralph talks about the new UI concept design change and the integration it might undergo with the wearable. This video also talks about the coming of age of the multi-usability of the iPad, with separate log in accounts and fingerprint logins on a singular device.


3 iOS 10 – New Concept by iCrackUriDevice

This video by iCrackUriDevice is almost similar to the one previously mentioned. The design concept here has been more pronouncedly described and the toggle phenomenon explained at length.


4 iOS 10 Rumoured Features by EverythingApplePro 

This is an investigative video explaining all the rumoured features that we may expect in iOS 10. The evidences, they say, has been gathered mainly through Leaks, Patents and Analysis. Enjoy.


5 iOS 10 Rumored Features by iDeviceHelp 

This quick 4 minutes video by iDeviceHelp talks about the toggle mechanism as well as the iCloud Voicemail makeover. It does touch most of the expectations without spending time too much in the details. A very helpful video if time is a premium.


6 iOS 10 - Rumored Features by Apple Fox

This video by Apple Fox talks about the evolution of the Apple phone and the iPad. It also talks about the design philosophy that the Apple iPhone has undergone and the software that runs it. The iCloud Voicemail is again the centrepiece of discussion as well as the toggle phenomena. A nice video to watch.


7 iOS 10 wish list by Billy Ellis

This video by Billy Ellis is basically a comparison of the previous versions and the new upcoming Mobile Operating System. It does talk about the toggle mechanism and the voicemail as well as the new touch method which the new operating system will presumably inculcate.


8 iOS Wishlist by iUpdateOS

Again a quick almost 5 minutes video giving a broad outline of everything you can speculate as well as wish for. Most of these videos are similar since most of the wish list is similar.


9 iOS 10 Rumors and Wishlist By iPodHacks142

Again a breezy video providing to you a broad outline on what to expect. The addition of more emojis and modification of the control center are the ones to look out for.


These are just some of the things that Apple fans want in the new upcoming iOS. Would Apple be able to surpass user expectations and deliver a great iOS experience? Or do you want something more from iOS 10 that is not listed here? Let us know.

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