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[2019] iOS 13 Compatibility: Devices and Apps

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Aaron Donald

April 18, 2017 (Updated: July 6, 2020)• Filed to: iOS 10 Issues

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With iOS 13, Apple has rolled out a new feature called App Compatibility. Basically, this allows you to have a more organized view of which apps are compatible with a given version of iOS. It takes the guess work out of upgrading and makes things easier for the average user to understand. First, though, let’s take a look at what devices are compatible with iOS 13:

iOS 13 Compatible Devices

Of course, not every iOS device is compatible with the latest update. Here are the ones that will still work:

iOS 12 app compatibility

New Compatibility Feature in iOS 13 - App Compatibility

  • What's APFS?

The first thing you might notice about 10/11 is the new APFS (Apple File System). It has a few advantages over the old system. For example, it can handle a bit more storage and shows the amount of stored data more accurately, it moves files and copies them faster, and optimizes the space on your device better. For most users, what they will notice is an increase in speed over anything else. It has enhanced “cloning” abilities compared to the old hierarchical file system (HFS).

  • What's App Compatibility?

One of the other nice things about this new release is that you can take a look at apps and whether they are compatible with your version of iOS using the App Compatibility function. It will also tell you whether the apps will work with future versions of iOS, which can help you decide whether you want to upgrade and what apps will need to be updated after you’ve upgraded.

iOS 10.3 app compatibility
  • How App Compatibility Work on iOS 13

This can solve a lot of the mystery if you find that a certain app has been misbehaving after an update. Unfortunately, not all developers stay up to date with their apps, and iOS upgrade after upgrade may have rolled out without any changes to an app that you use every day. With App Compatibility, you won’t have to be completely in the dark about what’s going on; this is especially important as Apple appears to be shifting towards no longer supporting 32-bit devices.

  • How to Check App Compatibility on iOS 13

To manually check compatibility, just go to General > About > Applications > App Compatibility, and you will see a list of apps that are outdated. Tap on any of the apps listed there and you will be shown whether or not you can update it, and what kind of updates are available. Sometimes there may be no update available or the app isn’t even in the app store anymore, in which case you will have to get in touch with the developer.

iOS 10.3 app compatibility

This feature is very important as time goes on because a lot of apps will probably be outdated soon thanks to Apple’s shift towards supporting only 64-bit devices. Any apps that are still reliant on the older, 32-bit system will need to be updated by their developers.

A Quick Way to Delete All iOS App Uncompatible

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Windows version Mac version

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Use Umate Pro to Uninstall App in Bulk from iPhone

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connect iphone

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scan iphone

Step 3:After the Scan finished, click on the “Clean” button besides “Apps” . All useless iOS Apps will be removed when the cleanup finished.

ios delete app data

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  3. Erase All Data– If want to sell iPhone or give it to others, this function will suitable. It will erase all your iPhone data, just like a factory reset, but you do not need to re-activate your iPhone again, and all your erased data is unrecoverable.
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