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iOS 13 News – Latest Updates and Reviews

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April 1, 2017 (Updated: July 17, 2019)• Filed to: iOS 10 Issues

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It is a significant time for Apple users as the new iOS 13 is slowly making its way to their devices. Be it an iPhone or iPad, iOS 13 claims to come with significant updates and alterations. This curiosity has led experts to hunt for the latest iOS 13 news that is currently roaming the markets.

ios 12 news

5 things to know about the new iOS

1 Slow Installation:

If the word slow and iOS does not fit together, one would understand your dilemma. Although this new update is of 600 MB only, installation times are extremely tiring. An average installation on the iPad Air 2 takes around an hour. Therefore, phone users such as iPhone 5s and above might need to set aside a couple of hours to complete the process.

2 Better Security

One who needs better security will surely download iOS 13 on his/her device. Latest iOS 13 news states that the new update will include over 60 known patches to potential country threats. This is commendable compared to iOS 11 or iOS 11.4 which supported a maximum of 14 known patches.

3 Termination of support

Apple has announced that it is no longer going to provide support to its 32-bit devices. This has created some serious noise among its customers as users of iPhone 5s and 5c might face some problems hereafter. As it seems of now, upgrading to a new device might be their only option.

4 iOS 13 what’s new in performance

As per sources, Apple has gone to designate this update as a historic one. If you think what’s so special about it, then you go to wait. The company has claimed that smartphone experience will be changed forever with this update. It is quite similar to the Blackberry new update 12/11.3

5 A new file system

The iOS 13 new file system is a major step taken by Apple. This new system will save user space and escalate performance. Almost billion file systems needed tweaking and users have reported losing files due to this upgrade.

Now, having read about the latest news which is circulating the market, you might be curious to know what new will come with this iOS 13. To put it simple words, Apple has claimed this to be their historical update and the features also point towards that direction. The iOS 13 news has announced the beta version and it is time to take a look at some of its upcoming features.

iOS 13 what’s new in the beta version

1 Find my air pods

Losing those tiny pods is a common problem. Therefore to help users find them back, Apple has included this new app with iOS 13. On activation, it produces a loud noise that alerts the user of its location. However, it will only work with the last iPhone, iPod or iPad that was connected with the air pods.

2 iOS 13 jailbreak news

Jailbreak is the process by which an iOS can be modified to remove the restrictions imposed by Apple. It allows the installation of third-party softwares. As per iOS 13 news, Apple has laid enough patches that will protect the new OS from getting jailbroken. However, only time will prove its strength.

3 Id Profile

Apple’s new feature will allow its users to keep track of every device they have logged in from. This will enhance securities. In the case of a mishap, a user will be able to track down any unauthorized access from a device using his Apple id.

4 One handed keyboard

iPad is going to get this feature. To provide a phone like an experience and speed up activities, the company has decided to provide one-handed keyboard option in its iPads. It will have swipe left or swipe right feature to aid left handed and right handed typing correspondingly.

5 Apple car play and wallpapers

With Apple Car Play, you will now have three new buttons on the left displaying the recently used apps; the company will provide iOS 13 new wallpapers to the car play UI. In other words, your vehicle’s screen will now have a wallpaper of its own.

6 Weather in Maps

People who are a fan of Apple’s navigation system will now get a weather update simultaneously. The weather conditions will get updated as your GPS signal moves from one place to another.

A final verdict

As per iOS 13 latest news, it is clear that Apple is planning something big with this new update. Moreover, it is quite evident that the new features introduced in the beta version are surely refreshing and will have some major impacts on the overall user interface of the system.

For now, the credibility of these iOS 13 news can only be understood by the majority of the devices start using this update. Time will be of essence in deciding the durability of this new OS.

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