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iOS 12 release – the biggest news of late

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Tata Davis

April 1, 2017 (Updated: May 28, 2020)

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In today’s world almost every individual possesses a smart phone. It has become part and parcel of one’s daily life. But, as every piece of technology and gizmo out there, smartphones too need maintenance. Companies maintain their smartphones through support and upgrades. Similarly, a crucial upgrade will soon be available to all Apple users in the form of a new iOS. The iOS 12 public beta release date was held last month and expectations are high from this new upgrade.

How significant is the iOS 12 release?

Experience with iOS 11 or 10 was not worth remembering. While 11 caused lags, 11.3 was infamous for its numerous bugs. This constant pressure of dissatisfaction from customers led Apple to go for 12. It took almost 7 beta versions, but the latest upgrade is finally here. However, before one goes into more details, it is worthy to take a look at iOS 12’s journey from scratch.

1 iOS 12 release date

As per latest news, iOS 12 was released one day after the first developer version was made its way to the iPad Air 2. It is a free version, unlike its developer counterpart. This beta version will allow users to test the pre-release version for any bugs or required updates.

2 iOS 12 official release date

This new upgrade has been finally launched earlier this month. Speculations say that another upgrade is soon to come after this final product has been analyzed and tested to its full capacity.

ios 12 release

3 iOS 12 release notes

iOS 12 will facilitate the development if iOS apps MacOS and iOS. A complete set of Xcode Tools, Compilers and Frameworks are provided for this purpose. One can develop apps for iPhone, or iPad and an iOS simulator has been provided to test out these developed apps.

Updating to iOS 12 will convert your existing file system to Apple File System (APFS). However, experts recommend that one should create a backup of his device before updating.

Installing iOS 12 – A walkthrough

A major upgrade always comes with significant impacts. iOS 12 will be no different. Already dubbed as Apple’s most significant mobile OS, this upgrade can take a toll on your device. However, by following the laid down steps correctly, your iPhone can experience a smooth transition of OS.

  1. Backup your iPhone The iOS 12 expected release date is still to be finalized. But the initial step of every upgrade is backing up your phone. This can be done using iTunes. Simply plug in your phone, open iTunes and perform an Encrypted backup of your data.
  2. Register for iOS 12 beta: Follow the steps given:
    • Visit Developer. in your iPad or iPhone
    • Go to download new betas tab
    • Once done, login in with the developer id and password
    • Once iOS 12 appears to expand to reveal the download button.
    • Select your device and provide your passcode.
    • Confirm “install” and restart your phone to apply changes.
  3. Installing iOS 12 To install you will need to go to “Settings”. Tap on “General” followed by “Software Update”. Follow this with “Download and Install” and agree to the terms and conditions after you have entered your “Passcode”.

Top 5 iOS 12 reviews

However, before you download and install the above process, it is always handy to look at a couple of expert reviews. They are as follows:

1 Delayed installation

The iOS 12 expected release of the beta version had created a lot of buzz among enthusiasts. However, its first market appearance was disappointing. With a file size of only 600 MB, an Apple iPad Air 2 took almost 50 minutes to complete the installation process.

2 A faster UI

The slow installation, however, provides some fruitful results on installation. iOS 12 feels snappier thanks to its new file system. This is a trademark update where Apple has decided to scrap its previous file system for APFS.

3 No support for 32-bit users

Apple has announced that it will pull out the support plugs of iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s 32 bit versions. These devices are therefore unlikely to get the 12 upgrade.

4 Better memory management

After Apple announced iOS 12 release date in India, experts reported that this beta version is far better at managing ram and storage space. This is critical owing to extensive multitasking that these phones have to go through.

5 Vehicle Sync

The iOS 12 general release date may be some time later. But for now one big positive is its newly developed Apple Car Play sync. From now on, it will provide three buttons displaying the recently used tabs and options. Moreover, it is customizable as well.

A general verdict

As of now, the iOS 12 public beta release date was the biggest news. A number of bugs fixes are still required in the developer version. But with the final product one can hope that Apple will surely come up with the required solutions.

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