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iOS 13 Bugs Report: Problems/Bugs Discovered So Far

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Tata Davis

August 19, 2016 (Updated: July 15, 2019)• Filed to: iOS 10 Issues

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Apple confirmed that it will be introducing an update to the iOS 13. The beta version was released in July. Although this was for the developers, the general public can also download this preliminary version through Beta Software Upgrade.

Being in the early stages of its development, iOS 13 is bound to have some bugs in it. Although it can be very tempting to download the latest version, so as to keep up with the crowd, up till now, there have been a number of iOS 13 bugs encountered by the users. Let us look at some of these bugs in brief.

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iOS 13 Problems/Bugs Discovered So Far

  1. The Force touch method of replying to SMS messages from the Lock Screen does not seem to work that well.
  2. When you try taking a screenshot of the lock screen, the device restarts all by itself.
  3. When you try stopping an alarm that you have set, it still appears on the lock screen with the status “snoozing” on. Moreover, it shows negative amount of time.
  4. Some performance bugs inhibit the proper functioning of certain apps. Safari, for example, runs slowly with intermittent glitches when the Reduced Motion Setting is enabled.
  5. When you turn the sound off for the keyboard, the sound for haptic feedback also turns off.
  6. There are also some problems with the widgets in the Today view in terms of rendering and the edges are also not smooth but more crooked and ragged.
  7. Issues with the iMessage cause some problems when you send over three messages as the text will be sent in the normal font size and not as a large bubble that Apple demonstrated in its demo of the software.
  8. There are also some problems when you try to post photos or videos on Facebook as it crashes. This may be due to the fact that Facebook has not yet been optimized for iOS 13.
  9. There have been reports by certain users that the software keeps rebooting randomly.
  10. Siri also stops working when you ask your name on it.
  11. You have to install app updates manually as the “Update All” button does not work.
  12. The location of your synced photos is not displayed or shown by the Photos app.
  13. The battery dies quickly when in standby mode.
  14. The apps crash if you are multitasking.
  15. The App Store takes a lot of time to load.
  16. Even if there is some battery life left, the phone switches off and requires you to connect it to a charger in order to reboot.
  17. There are also some problems with iOS 13 YouTube videos. The iOS YouTube bug prevents the YouTube videos from playing properly.

Top 5 iOS 13 Bugs That Are Bothering The Users Most

The above mentioned iOS 13 problems are undoubtedly annoying. However, there are some which are really annoying and seems to justify why you should not get iOS 13 as of yet.

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1 Compatibility issues

There are many compatibility issues with iOS 13. Many third-party apps do not run on the operating system. However, the developers are not to be blamed for this as the app developers have not yet updated their apps for iOS 13. This will only be possible when Apple releases its iOS 13 Golden Master which will not be there until September.

2 Dock

The Dock is also having issues when you tilt the device. Tilting any device towards yourself causes the background of the dock disappear while tilting it away refills the dock background. At times, the dock often blacks out which does not recover even after restarting the device.

3 3D Touch

The 3D touch feature is also a bit messy. This is because when you force touch an icon, the background seems to move separately apart from the icon that has been forced pressed. Also, when you return to the home screen, the icon appears misaligned and wrongly positioned for a while.

4 3D Menu

The 3D menu in the iPhone does not work properly. The feature has to be added as a widget, otherwise, you will not be able to make a call or contact someone.

5 Notes app

Notes app is also not appropriately optimized for the 3D touch feature. Usually when you force touched a note, the app would bring the up that note automatically. However, in iOS 13, this does not happen as when you try force touching a note that is displayed on the widget, there seems to be no reaction.

Will These iOS 13 bugs Be Fixed in The Future?

Most of these iOS 13 bugs have fortunately been fixed in the Beta 6 version of iOS 13. The bug that was causing problems with the dock background has been fixed in this version along with bugs that were interfering with the sticker packs. Siri has also been improved and now responds accordingly. The 3D touch notification system has been fixed as well.

Given these improvements in this new beta version, it is likely that the bugs discovered so far can be fixed. However, there is no guarantees as to how long will it take for the developers to do so.

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