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iOS 13 Changes: What’s New in iOS 13?

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Tata Davis

March 25, 2017 (Updated: July 3, 2020)• Filed to: iOS 10 Issues

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iOS 13 has come with everything you ever wished for in Apple's mobile device operating system. You can now pass that information in a stylish and bold way by using emoji in iMessage App, you can easily track and order an Uber ride with a click on your iMap, your iPhotos will not take much of your iPhone storage space, and you can work through apps easily using Siri. There are lots of exciting features in iOS 13, and here are my 5 most impressive iOS 13 changes.

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  1. Siri: Accomplishing more with voice command is more effective with Siri. You can book a ride with Uber or make a payment through any app with just a voice command through Siri.
  2. iMessage App: Its now easy to access all your favorite social media apps, make payments and keep up with conversations without leaving the iMessage app.
  3. Maps: You can book a hotel reservation, reserve a table in a 5star restaurant or order an Uber ride from your iMap. You can also see your route while driving, and your iMap will tell you how long it will take to arrive at your destination.
  4. Invisible Ink: Hidden messages and photos can be shared between two iOS 13 users and such messages can be viewed by simply swiping to reveal it.
  5. Music: iOS 13 makes it easier to view lyrics of the song you are playing while listening to the music.

All these new features are just a little of the whole package that you will get to enjoy with iOS 13. We will proceed to discuss should you upgrade to iOS 13 or not.

Advantages of Upgrading to iOS 13

Several advantages of using Apple's latest iOS have been recorded by iOS 13 users. We believe that you will get to enjoy these new iOS 13 changes, if you upgrade from your iOS 9 to the latest iOS 13. Here are some of the benefits why you need to upgrade to iOS 13 right now.

1 Siri

iOS 13 now have Siri, and app developers can design apps that are efficiently based on voice command like WeChat, Whatsapp, Slack, Facebook, etc. for better communication. Presently, almost 80% of iOS app developers are working on their apps to support Siri efficiently on iOS Devices.

2 Emoji in iMessages

There are always expressions that words cannot vividly converge. Hence, some of the emojis that describe your mode maybe needed during chat, and there is no better way of driving your point home apart from using emojis.

3 Delete Apple's Built-in Apps

iOS 13 offers users the privilege of deleting built-in-apps from Apple. Hence, you can create more iPhone storage space by deleting such apps if you are among the users that barely use some of the Apple's default apps.

ios 11

4 Rootless Security System

iOS 13 offers better security protection than iOS 10 given this new security system. This system makes it impossible to jailbreak an iPhone or iPad, and makes it impossible for administrative users to access iDevice data when locked. However if not use iOS 13, you may need to permanently erase iPhone data to make sure that your deleted sensitive files won't seen by others.

5 Voicemail Transcription

Voicemail messages will henceforth be transcribed into words and saved on iCloud. This feature will help to inform the caller on your whereabouts and the reason why you can't pick his or her call at the moment, and the callers messages will be sent to you in text format.

Are these advantages not wonderful? Nonetheless, there are several other benefits of upgrading to iOS 13, which we cannot discuss in details within the scope of this article. Nevertheless, it is evident that iOS 13 will come with some possible limitations. Let us look at some of them.

Disadvantages of Upgrading to iOS 13

There are several limitations to iOS 13 performances and ultimate user satisfaction. Some of the disadvantages why iDevice users are double minded on upgrading to iOS 13 include:

1 Impossibility to Jailbreak iOS 13

It is expected that many users will downgrade to iOS 10 later due to the impossibility of such users to jailbreak their iDevices because of the rootless security system, which Apple just adopted. Hence, for users who always jailbreak their iPhones, this will be a huge challenge.

2 Supported iDevice

It is evident that with iOS 13, iPhone 4 variants users are locked out and are seen as obsolete iPhone users. Hence, no users of iPhone 4 will be allowed to upgrade to iOS 13.

ios 12 supported device

3 Battery Life

There are many complaints from iOS 13 users on the inability for them to manage their iDevice battery life. Some have taken this issue online while seeking for available solutions.

4 Other issues

Other issues such as unresponsive touch screen, Game center, Bluetooth, notifications sound and Wi-Fi connect are experience by iOS 13 users, but these are expected to be corrected before iOS 13 final release.

Comparing iOS 13 vs iOS 10 is like preferring iPhone 5s over 6s. iOS 13 is a better brand of iOS 10, and we urge every iOS user who is not used to Jailbroken iPhone or users of iPhone 5s, to go for the upgrade. Nevertheless, it is very crucial to have good programs that can help you to reclaim your storage space back while using the numerous new apps and features that come with iOS 13. Download and install iMyfone Umate Pro today for better performance and experience with new iOS 13.

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