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Top Apple iOS 12 Features: Attractive or Just So-so?

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Gabriel Hammond

June 12, 2016 (Updated: July 2, 2020锛

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This article was updated on March 22, 2018.

iOS 12 was unveiled by Apple on 13th of June this year. The next-gen operating system for Apple products, like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is loaded with a number of exciting new features. Let us have a look at some of the most impressive iOS 12 features.

10 Attractive New iOS 12 Features

1 A New Look iMessage

iMessage is already a popular chat app among Apple users. However, Apple has went ahead and made some pretty great changes to iMessage through this update. For instance, all the emojis are now slightly bigger and the app will prompt you to use the emojis in place of several words. Moreover, even the size of the text can be changed and there is also a new feature known as 鈥淚nvincible Ink鈥 which can only be seen by the recipient after swiping or tapping the text.

ios 10 imassage

2 Better Siri

Apple has made the Siri much more powerful with iOS 12 upgrade. Siri can now take a lot more commands and can also operate 3rd-party apps, like WeChat, WhatsApp, OpenTable, Yelp, etc. While this is only available in the Beta version now, Apple would soon launch it for the masses as well.

3 Responsible Notification

As and when the use picks up their phone, the display will light up to show the notifications while the phone will still remain locked. Moreover, users can also respond with the help of 3D Touch while the phone will continue to remain locked.

4 Photos App

The next in this list of iOS 12 features is the new Photos App. This new app is just like the Google Photos which were launched last year. This new app allows you to use features, like object recognition, face recognition, sorting by date or person, etc.

5Better Apple Music

Apple Music too has gone under a makeover to compete with Spotify. The app is now much cleaner and pretty easy to navigate as well. 鈥淔or You鈥 and 鈥淒ownloaded Music鈥 are some new tabs of the app.

6 Apple News

As compared to the previous operating system, the iOS 12 upgrade has also made several changes to the Apple News app. While the news pieces were randomly available in the past, they are now divided in sections. Moreover, for subscribers, there is also a new support section.

7 Maps

The design of Maps has changed and now it is available for 3rd party developers too. Right from searching for local restaurants, making reservation for that restaurant and calling a taxi to drop you there, everything can now be done right from the Maps app.

8 HomeKit

HomeKit app has gone through a makeover as well and is now named as Home. With the help of this app, users can control a variety of their smart home devices. However, you will need their compatible apps too.

9 Deleting Stock Apps

Apple users have been waiting for this feature for a very very long time. While you were not able to delete the stock apps from your Apple phone in the past, with iOS 12 update, it is finally possible now. Many of the apps have been moved to App Store and now you can easily delete them and then install them again. Moreover, you can also use tools, like iMyfone Umate to manage the memory of your iPhone or iPad in a simpler way.

ios 10 HomeKit

10 Mail

The last feature in this iOS 12 features list is the upgraded Mail app. You can now find threaded conversations in it that link multiple messages in one page. There is also an 鈥淯nsubscribe鈥 button at the top of every new message to allow you to easily unsubscribe from the newsletters.

3 of My Favourite iOS 12 Features

If you ask me about 3 iOS 12 features that I personally like, I鈥檇 chooss:

1 iMessages

I use iMessage a lot. As a matter of fact, it is the only chat app in my iPhone. With the iOS 12 update, Apple has made things a lot easier for me now. Rather than writing text now I can use a variety of emojis to talk to my friends. Moreover, the emojis are bigger and easier to see now. Also, I can now easily change the size of the text and the 鈥淚nvincible Ink鈥 feature is pretty cool when I have to send some important text to someone.

ios 11

2 Responsible Notification

It is great that now I can check the notifications by simply lifting my phone. Moreover, I can also use the 3D Touch feature to respond to the notifications without every needing to unlock the phone. This makes the process pretty simple and quick too. All I need to do is to lift my phone and all the notifications will be available on the screen. That鈥檚 pretty cool!

3 Delete Stock Apps

If you use Apple iPhone, iPad or iPhone Touch, I am pretty sure that the loads of apps that come built-in in the device annoy you and you might have tried to delete them many-a-times. I struggled with the same problem. But with the new iOS 12 update, it will be easier to delete them. Right from Podcasts, FaceTime, Stocks, Tips, to the Watch App, everything can now be deleted instantly.

With iOS 12 Apple has been able to keep up with the expectations of the people. While there are many people who are not entirely happy with the update, I couldn鈥檛 have asked for more. Apple has worked on a number of things in this new update and while many of the things are not yet available for the masses and are still in beta stage, it shouldn鈥檛 take very long for Apple to roll out the updates.

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