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Most Common iOS 13 Problems and How to Fix

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Tata Davis

March 26, 2017 (Updated: July 17, 2019)• Filed to: iOS 10 Issues

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Apple announced the release of iOS 13 and the new features coming with the update. Since then, different beta versions have been released for developers to test their hands on. Whilst the device isn’t yet available to all devices, certain individuals especially developers have been able to put the iOS 13 on a test run. In these series of posts, we will be looking at the all the problems that have been encountered so far, from update challenges to user experience issues; and proffering easy solutions to them.

Before going into more details of the problems these developers have been experiencing with the beta versions, let’s briefly recap the new introductions coming to iOS 13.

  • Siri is now opened to third party apps and developers
  • The core calling API is now opened to other applications like Whatsapp and Skype
  • Bigger emojis, scribbles and handwriting coming to iOS messaging
  • Map has live traffic updates and can scan your calendar for places
  • Facial recognition is coming to Photos and users can search pictures with words like fire
  • “Recently Added” and “Recently Played” are making a return to Apple
  • Home has its own app
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To get the full gist on these features, read our detailed post here.

This post will basically be introducing you to the world of iOS beta versions to help you understand the whole process. This will give you a better understanding of the problems and limit the amount of hair you pull out when you encounter problems with your update.

What is a beta version?

The idea behind beta version is to get outsiders – people not close to the product especially the software engineers – use and test your software. The users become a sort of focus group that then gives feedback on issues experienced while using the software. Understanding this, means you’ll be aware of the various risks associated with beta versions and help you make your decision as to downloading a beta version yourself.

Why beta versions?

The sole purpose of a beta version is to make the software better. Beta versions are released before the official public releases, so that the developers can catch bugs (problems) and user experience issues. This will help the developers put out a much better software for the official release to the public.

Known beta version issues

Beta versions are unreliable and prone to all kinds of user experience issues. Such issues include:

  • App and games crashing
  • Frozen screens
  • Battery issues
  • Half loaded screens
  • Unresponsive apps

ios 11

Things to do before updating your device to iOS 13 version

If you’re very curious and cannot wait for the official date to get a hand on new features coming to the iOS despite the risks already mentioned above, then you should do the following before updating your device:

1. Space: Space is one of the top problems that affect people while updating your device to iOS 13 version. To avoid the same mistake, make sure you have a minimum of 2GB space on your iOS device.

iMyfone Umate Pro or iMyfone Umate Pro for Mac can also help you free up more space on your device if you are pressed for storage space.

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2. To gain access to the installation files – for Xcode beta and iOS beta version – you need to have the latest version of iTunes installed.

The installation process can go wonky sometimes, it’s better to guide against this by backing up your device to more than one place: iTunes, iCloud or use an utility software like iMyfone Umate Pro to back it up safely on your system.

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