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The Hottest iOS 12 Reviews!

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Tata Davis

March 29, 2017 (Updated: August 10, 2020锛

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A couple of weeks ago, the Apple company showcased its first developer beta for the version 12 alongside mind blowing features.

Most Attractive New Changes in iOS 12

  • Within the iOS 12 beta, cricket scores now have the Siri support from the Indian premier league and ICC.
  • Also, a 3D touch shortcut has been added for the weather app that will keep users informed with the timely forecast, there are also the CarPlay refinements and minor Maps included.
  • The newly added Podcasts widget will be advantageous to Idevice users especially ones with iPad and iPhone, with Safari bringing in a reduced motion setting in the Web apps.

ios 12 rewiews

Hot Reviews about iOS 12 New Changes

1For AirPods

My AirPods feature now give iPhone users the opportunity to call upon the wireless buds to play a sound. Although AirPods are not GPS and Wi-Fi enabled, it means you can only catch the signal if they're within range (Bluetooth range of about 4-5 meters). The sound at least would be enough to hear one of the AirPods if it's stuck within the sofa cushions for example. You'll have to retrace steps in the case where they're lost outside the confines of your home, although the Bluetooth connection can still come up.

Just of recent, the company invented an app to help early adopters look for their lost AirPods, simply by putting users in the way toward virtual game of warmer, colder.

iphone airpods

2For Apple ID setting

The Apple ID setting section now has a new security section, and now users have the chance to reply to reviews. Although only registered apple developers are entitled for the update now, but judging with the recent development, those that have signed up for the beta program may also get it very soon.

Apple ID setting

3For The Developer Community

Upcoming betas however will add in more features too. For instance, we didn't notice the rumored dark mode that was stated to come with the first release, but with the recent release of the first 10.3 beta for users and developers, Apple has added two other changes which is of high importance to the developer community and iOS users. There'll be a developer API for users to regulate how an app can request users to write a review or rate an app on the App store, and now they (developers) will have the chance to directly respond to reviews dropped by customers on both the Mac app store and IOS.
ios 10.3 reviews

4For User rating or review

Still with the iOS 12, developers can now request for rating or review from users without sending them right back to the App store while the particular app is still in use, with the help of an API. A lot of users at this point have been asking series of question concerning what the feature would look like- maybe there would be an alert pop up, or if a new in-app page will pop up to write a review. Apple has since then cleared the air that developers will be able to deep-link Idevice users to the product page and more importantly, to a new page where reviews can be dropped. Developers and users have a lot to adjust to regarding the noticeable change, because now with a native API, developers will quit adopting custom implementations that might affect the user experience negatively, while the users on the flip side now can outrightly disable reviews at a system-wide level and in-app ratings for apps that make use of the API.
iphone user

5 For Developers

Another big improvement that have been added to the app store reviews is that developers now can answer to reviews in a way that is available for everyone to see. This seems like a bold step for Apple listening and catching up to the developer community; one which the Google play store for android apps have been able to adopt for quite some time now. It'll be amazing to see how developers will take in the upcoming in-app review functionality. Finally, it now looks like Apple will allow developers respond to customers reviews on both its Mac App store and general App store. Regarding the latest documentation for the 10.3, app makers can now respond to reviews that are publicly posted- and also request for reviews in specific ways.
ios 10.3 reviews

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