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iOS 11 Wishlist, Top 10 Most Wanted iOS 11 Features

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Gabriel Hammond

June 12, 2016 (Updated: August 4, 2020锛

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June 13th聽is the red letter day for most tech enthusiasts as well as Apple aficionados. iOS 11 is supposedly set for launch on the said date and the world awaits with bated breath what could be Apple鈥檚 next move. The annual WWDC is the ideal occasion for such an event and hopefully Apple like every year will be able to successfully launch their newest creation: the iOS 11.

The digital world is rife with speculations about the contours of Apple鈥檚 new operating system and potential iPhone users and observers alike have taken out their own lists of needs they wish to see in the phone. This article will try to fathom that wish list and create a generalized one for all of us to see:

 Top 10 Most Wanted Features


1 Siri:

Currently a glorified digital toy but Apple is going to provide it with more authority. If patents, leaks and rumours are to be believed, the scope of SIRI鈥檚 responsibilities are set to grow. And we wish it does.


2 The multi-user conundrum:

While not much of an issue for an iPhone, it is almost a death Knell for an iPad. Apple has to begin to take the iPad as a family device and not enforce their 鈥渙ne device for one user policy鈥 on it. There were rumours about having multiple users though with individual fingerprint security log ins but that is something we have to wait and watch.


3 Customizable Control Center:

Change it Apple. And change it for good. Not that it is not good but it has not changed since iOS 7. The Control Center, as the name suggests, provides the user with the option to control the volume as well as the music player, activate the camera, connect to the Wi-Fi and quite a few other things. Apple鈥檚 focus on user customisation needs to begin from here.


4 The Dark Mode:

It has been in the works for some time now. Apple wanted to device a way through which viewing in the dark or low light would become a lot less strenuous. The Drak mode is something which is at the top of most wish lists.


5 Lock Screen:

Apple needs to make the lock screen a lot more amiable. Add widgets or simply make it more enjoyable to handle the phone even when it鈥檚 locked.


6 Messaging:

With Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp revolutionising the simple exercise of messaging, Apple too needs to go one up. If rumours are to be believed it has patented a similar messaging system and have gone one step further to check whether the contacts OS is in silent or aeroplane mode.


7 Emoji:

Add new ones and please make the entire exercise of inputting them less cumbersome. Probably adding a new bar will solve the issue and hopefully Apple will be listening to the millions who live on emojis daily.


8 SIRI does the talking:

The iCloud Voicemail system needs to be revamped and if rumours, again, are to be believed, SIRI will have the ability to talk to callers and also transform voice messages to text for quicker viewing.


9 The keyboard:

And this needs some improvement. A default swipe support is what I have been looking for. A great addition it will certainly be.


10 iCloud:

Finally the one which Apple buries deep within the settings. Please take it out and make it more accessible.

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