Rumors You Need to Know before Update to iOS 11

There are always some insiders can get useful and attractive information before the release time of new iOS system. Are you interested in the ios 11 system? This article gathers and reorganizes the useful information that helps you understand more about the upcoming iOS version 11.

One. Four New Features of ios 11

Emoji Unicode

74 Unicode emoji characters will be newly added in ios 11! According to Unicode protocol, some popular emoji characters among users, such as Drooling Face, Shallow Pan Of Food, Tumbler Glass, Shrimp, Squid and Face With Cowboy Hat will be added to the emoji list.

unicode emoji-780x390

Built-in Apps

The rumors says that ios 11 will have a fatal change on built-in apps. Apple will allows users to delete those built-in apps which they think useless on iOS system 11! For me, it is an great improvement that I can delete some built-in apps that I never use to save some space!

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Built in apps


In ios 11, Siri may have a big change and become your private voice assistant. It is said that Siri can tell you the reason why the called party cannot answer your call. And Siri can transfer the messages in voice mail to texts so that users can read them easily. And what’s more, Siri in ios 11 might recognize whether it is the owner talking with it.

hey siri

3D Touch

3D Touch on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is acclaimed by users. And it is said that 3D Touch will be endowed with more functions. For example, the Control Center will be reformed. ios 11 system will transfer the Slide mode of Control Center to Press mode to simplify the User Interface logic.

3D Touch + Control Center

Two. Compatibility of ios 11

Just like the earlier iOS version, the rumors says that iOS version 11 will eliminate some iOS devices from upgrading. And iPhone 4s and iPad 2 will be the first to bear the brunt. They won’t be allowed to upgrade to ios 11.

But I didn’t think it is a bad news. On my own experience, too old iOS devices might be stuck more if they upgrade to the latest iOS system. And iPhone 4s and iPad 2 are almost 5 years old. Apple is urging their users to change their iOS devices by this method.

Three.Release Time of ios 11

When will ios 11 be available? The insiders says that the beta version of ios 11 will be released on the WWDC 2016, which will be hold in June 2016. And the official version will be released along with the new iPhone 7 in September 2016.

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So, would you like to update to ios 11 according to the above description? Can those ios 11 new features be the points you like? Well, even you don’t see the meaning of these new features, I guess Apple will give more useful and innovative information of ios 11 during the period before they release the official version. And what we can do is to figure out our true requirements and check whether iOS version 11 will satisfy us.