Unveiled at the WWDC 2017 keynote on 5 June, everyone is already wondering when they will have the new iOS 11 on their devices. While both betas are already being tested and you can choose to be one of the testers, we can only speculate on iOS 11’s release date. We do however that iOS 10 was not released to the public until September 2016 despite its announcement coming earlier in the year. So, it safe to speculate that iOS 11 will not be released until late fall.

But we do know what we can expect and this article will detail the 10 most important changes the average iPhone user expects to have with iOS 11.

1. Apple Pay: Pay Friends with a Message

Person to Person payments have become a reality with the updated Apple Pay. You will now be able to pay people directly from Messages and an iMessage app. It will use the TouchID fingerprint sensor and the money received will go to the Apple Pay Cash Card.

Apple Pay: Pay Friends with a Message

2. Live Photos: Livelier than Ever

The Live photos feature even better with iOS 11. Now you can use a slider to select the portion of the Live Photo that looks the best. This is a great feature for photos that were not great to begin with. For instance, if your photo is a little blurred, you can now pick out a section of the image that isn’t blurred. You also get the option to crop Live Photos.

 Live Photos: Livelier than Ever

3. Camera

Aside from the changes with the Live Photos, the photos you take are now improved. For iPhones that support Portrait mode, iOS 11 brings lots of improvements. The image quality is much improved, even for images taken under low light. Portrait mode images also support optical image stabilization and for the first-time flash works in portrait mode.

ios 11 camera

4. The all-new App Store

The App Store has been completely redesigned with the new iOS 11. Games and apps get their own individual sections and a new section known as “Today” is designed to show new apps. The “Today” section features an App of the Day and Game of the day. There is also additional content like the editor’s choice, interviews with app developers and so much more.

iOS 11 apple store

5. Messages

Messages have also significantly changed with the new iOS 11. There is a new Messages in iCloud feature that allows all your iMessages to be stored in iCloud and as such synced across all your devices. There are also two new Messages effects in iOS 11; Echo and Spotlight. Echo multiplies a message sent over and over again, filling the screen. Spotlight adds emphasis to a message using a visual spotlight effect.

ios 11 messages

6. Siri

Siri now comes with updated male and female voices that sound more natural and will now be able to use on-device learning to understand your preferences and anticipate what you might need next. Siri also comes with the ability to translate to Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish and German with more languages planned. There is also a new “Type to Siri” feature that allows you to communicate Siri queries by typing instead of speaking them out loud.


7. Apple Music

With the new iOS 11 Apple Music, you can now create an Apple Music profile that allows you to share playlists with friends and see your friends’ playlists. Your profile will be marked “For You” and when you tap it, you see all the other profiles you follow. You can then see what they’ve been listening to.

ios 11 apple music

8. AirPlay 2

AirPlay 2 adds multi-room audio support to all compatible speakers. This allows you to play music on all connected speakers in a home and not just a select few. This new AirPlay 2 feature will also allow Apple TV to control all the audio in the house.

ios 11 airplay

9. Control Centre

Control Centre in iOS 11 is back to a single window with a whole new look complete with bubble-style icons. The two top sections are for basic networking options and controlling Apple Music and include sliders for volume and brightness. There are also smaller icons that control rotation lock, Do Not Disturb and others. Control Centre now offers a wider range of options and is also customizable.

ios 11 control center

10. Do Not Disturb When Driving

The Do Not Disturb feature has been extended to include the Do Not Disturb When driving section. This feature mutes all incoming notifications when the iPhone is connected to the Car’s Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It will not only mute incoming notifications but also send messages to people letting them know you are driving and can’t respond. But it will let emergency messages through and you can disable the feature if you are a passenger in a car.

Do Not Disturb When Driving