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6 Big iOS 11 Features Apple Didn’t Announce

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Gabriel Hammond

July 22, 2017 (Updated: July 1, 2020)

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A lot was announced at the Keynote event of the WWDC in June. From the stage, we got to know of the new things to expect with MacOS, the iPad Pro and of course iOS 11. But if you got all your information about the new features in iOS 11 just from the 2-hour keynote, you may have missed a few things. Probably for time reasons, they didn’t discuss all the features that would come with iOS 11.

The following are just 6 of the big iOS features that Apple didn’t announce at WWDC but you can expect to be gracing your device when iOS 11 is released in September.

1. Screen Recording

With a simple tool in the new Control Center, you will now be able to record your iPhone’s screen. The new feature, known as “Screen Recorder” will be available on the control center that you can customize in settings to include the feature. Using it is very simple. Simply tap on the red button to start recording and tap on the title bar to stop recording. The video will be saved in camera roll.

2. Dark Mode

Also included in the upgrades is a new dark display mode that will turn lighter backgrounds dark. ?While there has been a dark mode before, this one is special in that it will not affect images or icons. You can access it by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Invert Colors.

3. QR Code Support

The camera app has been upgraded in numerous ways. One of these ways is the ability to read QR codes. With your camera, you can scan a QR code and open websites, access Wi-Fi networks and even share contact details or any other function the QR code is meant to serve.

4. Type to Siri

You will find an option to type to Siri in the Accessibility menu under General in your Settings. This feature allows you to type a message Siri rather than speak it out loud. It is an improvement from the same feature in iOS 10 that only allowed you to tap on a spoken query and then edit it.

5. Markup Screenshots

In iOS 11 you are able to directly mark-up and screenshots you take. You can simply take a screenshot and then go full screen to get the option to mark up. There are numerous tools that allows you to crop or annotate the screenshot anyway you want. Previously, you needed a third-party app to do this.

6. Wi-Fi Sharing

A really cool feature will no longer keep your friends locked out of a Wi-Fi network. They can just request to use your Wi-Fi password and as long as you approve the request, they will be automatically join your Wi-Fi network. This is a feature that many will especially grow to love, especially for those of us who forget Wi-Fi password more often than we remember them.

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