Are you thinking of installing iOS 12 Beta? Stop right there! Think about it carefully before you pull the trigger, since there are still a lot of issues with iOS 12. As with any beta version of an operating system, it takes a while for developers to work all of the bugs out. If you install iOS 12 without realizing this, you might be in for a lot more of a headache that you expected.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't install iOS 12 Beta just yet:

Reason 1: Your Device Might Not Support iOS 12

First of all, does your device support iOS 12? If it doesn't, you could brick your phone trying to install the beta version. If your device is 32-bit, iOS 12 won't work. This means that that iPhone 5/5c or earlier won't work. The 5s and above will work, however.

Reason 2: iOS 12 Beta Comes with Lots of Bugs That You Should Consider Before Installing

Just as with any beta version of an OS, iOS 12 Beta has bugs that will affect your everyday use of it. This can make the operating system crash or cause other problems.

Imagine that you're in the middle of typing up a long apology to your girlfriend and your phone suddenly reboots. Maybe you're just seconds away from solving the world's hardest sudoku and it crashes. These are the kinds of things you have to deal with if you want to use the a beta version of anything.

That's why an operating system would be "in beta" in the first place, anyway: so that developers can fix the problems before the OS is used by consumers.

Reason 3: It Can Lower Your Battery Life

iOS 12 Beta is a battery hog. Every generation of operating system is more sophisticated鈥攂ut they can sometimes be more bloated, too. You might want to grab an external battery booster that you can carry around if you plan on installing iOS 12 Beta.

Reason 4: The Most Popular Apps May Not Support iOS 12 Beta

iOS 12 Beta is brand new鈥攕o new, that it's not really ready for public consumption yet. Because of this, many third-party apps (even really popular ones, like YouTube) may have tons of bugs, or might not even work at all. If you install iOS 12 Beta, expect that a lot of apps haven't been updated to work with it yet.

Reason 5: Backups Made on iOS 12 Are Not Compatible with iOS 11

Naturally, there are still a lot of compatibility issues. The backups that you make on iOS 11 are not compatible with iOS 10. Make sure that you make your backups on iOS 10 before you install iOS 11 Beta, and also make sure that you don't make changes in iOS 11 Beta that you would be afraid of losing if you downgraded later.

Reason 6: No Jailbreak Version and No Help from Apple

With every new version of iOS, Apple changes things and makes it a little harder to jailbreak. It might be some time until iOS 12 is cracked and someone releases a jailbreak for it. Even worse, if you have a jailbroken phone and you install iOS 12 Beta, your phone will once again be jailed.

On top of all of this, if you mess anything up on your phone when you install iOS 12 Beta, don't go crying to Apple for help; you will get no support at all. Apple will just tell you that the issue will be fixed on their next update.

Reason 7: It Might Not Be Good Enough to Meet Your Expectations

Do you expect that iOS 12 will be an amazing OS with tons of new features that you will enjoy over iOS 11? Great, then wait for the official release. Right now, iOS 12 probably will not suit your expectations because it is in Beta mode. Few operating systems are that good when they're in beta, so it might not be good enough to meet your expectations.

Tip: How to Downgrade iOS 12 Beta to iOS 11.4

But what should you do if you have upgraded your device to iOS 12 and trapped by the issues of it? Well, you can try iMyFone iOS System Recovery to downgrade the iOS beta to the iOS version which Apple hasn鈥檛 banned authentication, such as iOS 11.4. See how to do that by the following steps.

Note: generally, Apple will ban the authentication of an old version half of a month later after it releases the public version of a new iOS. So hurry up if you want to downgrade your iOS.

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Step 1. Download and Launch iMyFone iOS System Recovery

Download the program from iMyFone official download center and launch it. Choose Standard Mode on the main screen.

interface of iMyFone iOS system recovery

Connect your iPhone to your computer and put your device into DFU mode or recovery mode follow the on screen instructions.

 enter DFU mode under Standard mode

Step 2: Select and Download Firmware

You can download the firmware package of the latest iOS. It is not a hassle, as the software provides you with the option to automatically download the latest version for your phone, so all you need to do is press Download.

download firmware

download firmware package

Step 3: Downgrade iOS 12 Beta to iOS 11.4

Once the firmware has been downloaded, click Start to Fix, and then iMyFone iOS System Recovery will automatically start install the firmware package to your iPhone. After that (usually less than 15 minutes), iOS 11.4 is back to your device.

Fix iOS issues successfully

So if you want to install iOS 12 Beta because you are a developer or you are simply curious, then go ahead, especially if you have an extra device that is not your everyday phone. However, if you're just desperate to use a working version of iOS 12 because you want to use all the cool new features as a consumer, then wait until the official release.