Apple WWDC 2017: Exciting Changes to Apple Music

At Apple WWDC 2017 the other day, several changes and updates were announced on almost all Apple's products. New products have also been developed, and they will be released later in the year. However, the most notable change was about Apple Music. During the event, Apple unveiled exciting updates to Apple Music - its namesake streaming service. Music lovers around the world who are Apple Music subscribers will be happy to learn about cool features coming to Apple Music soon which will make it a much better and improved streaming option.

Backed by the power of iOS 11, Apple is introducing a long-awaited social element to its Music app. Subscribers will now be able to see what music their friends are listening to so that they can easily find new songs on the service. The new upgrade to the Music app will also let other apps to access the music. Below are some of the updates, changes, and news about Apple Music.

1: New Changes and Updates to Apple Music

1 Share Favorite Music Easily

With the new iOS 11 providing support, Apple is empowering users to create profiles and share any favorite music with friends more easily than before. Sharing favorite music that has just been discovered with friends and family has always been incredibly important for music lovers, but to discover one among the over 40 million music in the app is not easy, and Apple is now making the process stress-free for users.
Appl Music 2017 WWDC

2 More Users of Apple Music

One exciting news at the Apple WWDC was the announcement that the Music app now has 27 million subscribers. The number is huge when one considers the fact that almost every one of the subscribers is paying for their listening privileges. In just about two years of existence, Apple music is collecting new users at a faster rate and will hit significant new milestones very soon.
2017 WWDC 2017

3 Apple Watch Update

The Apple Watch is relatively new like the Apple Music app but unique. Apple Watch comes included with Apple Music and has now been updated to offer more features and to be visually more appealing. The Apple Music dedicated program on the watch will now be showing a larger album art and will support many playlists. Besides, the app will automatically update some playlists. Though this update is not new for Apple Music, the watch version now has this feature.
2017 Apple Music

2: Apple Music Review

With the recent update in Apple music, what advantages does it now has over other alternatives? Let us look at these.

1 Advantages

Millions of Music Yet Easy Discovering: The update has made it easier to find interesting music among over 40 million songs in Apple Music catalog. It is easy to find almost all music you want in Apple Music.

Download for Offline Listening: Subscribers have access to download albums and songs they like. With this, users can listen to music without Internet connection anywhere they are and enjoy their favorite music.

Affordable and Easily Available: Before you subscribe, you have the opportunity to test Apple music with a three-month free trial. After the three months free trial, you will pay $10 a month to use Apple Music. There are other plans that are affordable too like the $14.99 family plan which allows up to six accounts.
enjoy Apple Music

2 The Pains of Using Apple Music

As good as Apple music is, there are challenges and pains users experience every now and then. Some of these are discussed below.

DRM Protected: All Apple music you downloaded are protected with DRM, which makes it inconvenient to enjoy these songs. This means that you cannot keep your downloaded songs if you cancel the subscription at any time.

ID Protected: Without Apple ID, you cannot play the music on your devices. Only people with Apple ID can access Apple Music app.

Difficulty Transferring Songs: It is hard to transfer songs to your device like PC from Apple music without using a software. The DRM and ID prevent a user from transferring songs.

Missing Songs: Some music you downloaded could be missing from your device for no reason.

Songs Not Purchase from Apple: Some songs you did not buy from Apple will be difficult to download to enjoy. Unless you subscribe, you cannot gain access to some songs.

iTunes Challenge: You may also experience a problem with downloading from iTunes, which unlike Apple Music is a store where you can purchase and download from.

3: How to Well Manage Apple Music

How can you overcome all these challenges of using Apple Music? One software that many Apple Music subscribers have found useful is iMyFone TunesMate. What is it?

TunesMate is a data and music transfer software that allows iPhone users and Apple Music subscribers to easily transfer their downloaded songs to an external drive, PC, or any other device.

Key Features of TunesMate

  • Transfer between iPhone and iTunes: TunesMate helps to easily and freely transfer music between iPhone and iTunes. No restriction can prevent you from easily move your music.
  • Rebuild iTunes: If your music is missing on iTunes, TunesMate can rebuild it by exporting your music on different iDevices to iTunes.
  • Selective Transfer: TunesMate allows you to transfer your music selectively. Just choose the music you want to transfer, and it gets it done without transferring all your music.
  • Paid and Free Music Supported: TunesMate support any music either free or paid, files not purchased from Apple are OK too.
  • Directly Add Music to iPhone from PC: All the song you have on your PC can be added to iPhone using TunesMate. Besides, if the songs are stored on your external drive, USB, iOS or Android, they can be transferred directly to iPhone too.

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iMyFone is trusted by thousands of users and reported by well-known media, like,

How to Use TunesMate to Add Music to iPhone

To add/transfer music to iPhone using TunesMate, you need to follow the steps below.

Step 1:Download and install TunesMate on your computer.
Step 2:Connect your iPhone to the PC with a cable.
Step 3:Locate "Music" tab and click.
Step 4:Once on "Music" window, your music files will show on the screen.

manage Apple Music
Step 5:Click "Add."
Step 6:Next click "Add File" and choose which music you want to transfer.

transfer Apple Music

Step 7:Finally, locate the files and click on "Open."

iPhone music added
That is all. All music you selected will be added to your iPhone.

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