You’re probably familiar by now with the news about the upcoming iOS 11 that was announced by Apple back in June. The new iOS won’t officially launch until this upcoming Fall, although the Beta has been made available to select users since its announcement. We decided to save you the trouble of downloading the Beta yourself, and explored the new iOS in great detail.

While iOS 11 is visually similar to iOS 10 when it comes to design, the new iOS contains an array of interesting new features, including some notable changes compared to iOS 10 that might take some getting used to. You might wonder if it is worth upgrading to the new operating system, so we have conveniently compared and contrasted iOS 10 to the upcoming iOS 11 in order to provide you a better overview.

iOS 11 vs iOS 10

iOS 11 vs iOS 10: 8 Things That You Should Know

When first exploring iOS 11, you won’t notice any jarring visual changes from iOS 10. In fact, most of the aesthetics featured within the new iOS are identical to iOS 10. After exploring a little deeper, there are definitely some minor changes that might interest you.

1 Changes in the Lock Screen

When accessing the lock screen in iOS 10, you have become accustomed to seeing recent notifications (notifications that have come through since the last time you unlocked your phone) and previous notifications (notifications that you have already seen, but have chosen not to dismiss) on separate screens that you must swipe downwards to access.

iOS 11 makes a small, but noticeable change to this design. In the new iOS, the two screens have been combined into a Single continuous format that you can continuously swipe upwards to access each notification in chronological order. Your device also no longer has to be locked in order to access the lock screen notifications, these notifications can be accessed with a similar upwards swipe of the home screen.

iOS 11 lock screen

2 App Store

A far more noticeable change is the complete redesign of Apple’s App Store. When first accessing the App Store in iOS 11, you will be taken to a “Today” tab that serves to aid you in discovering new apps. Within the new “Today” tab you can explore useful collections, discover a daily updated list of apps that fit a certain theme, or watch convenient tutorials on new or upcoming apps.

iOS 11 app store

3 The Control Centre

As we have previously touched on with the changes to the lock screen, the control centre has similarly been combined into a single feature that can be accessed with an upwards swipe. One of the most requested changes from iOS 10 has been implemented, so the iOS 11 control centre is fully customizable now. The control dashboard also implements 3D Touch capabilities.

4 Siri

iOS 11 features a near overhaul of Siri, with improvements to the male/female voice, an improved visual interface, and an array of new features. One of the best new features is Siri’s ability to translate spoken sentences into several languages including; Spanish, French, Italian, German, or Chinese (with more languages to be added later).

Siri has also been further developed in order to become more intelligent and intuitive. The software now utilizes an improved learning mechanism that allows Siri to learn more about you, therefore making more relevant suggestions when sending emails, messages, or using specific apps. Another small, but incredible useful improvement is the ability to type inquiries into Siri and not have to rely on only speaking commands.

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iOS 11 siri

5 Camera and Photos

There has been a remarkable set of improvements made to the camera App in iOS 11 including; improved image quality, optical image stabilization, and added True Tone Flash and HDR functions for the portrait mode. Most notably, the camera app is receiving the added function of being a reliable QR scanner.

Apple has also added various new features and effects for Live Photos. Specifically, you can now choose the exact frame that you want to keep as your “main photo” within a Live Photo. Additionally, you can now create seamless loops of your live photos that continuously play forward, then reverse. Finally, there is an added “long exposure” effect that allows you to combine various Live Photos.

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6 Messages

The Messages app features some of the more convenient and noticeable changes in iOS 11. To begin, there is now an “App drawer” that contains various stickers, as well as the ability to pay your contacts using Apple Pay.

Next, iOS 11 implements a brand new “Quick Type” keyboard that makes one-handed typing much easier. Finally, Apple has improved the ability to automatically synchronize your messages across iCloud so that your conversations appear within each one of your iOS and macOS devices.

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iOS 11 message

7 Maps

iOS 11 implements a new safety feature within the Maps App called “Do Not Disturb While Driving”. In an effort to minimize distractions while traveling to your destination, this new safety feature will automatically silence any incoming alerts and notifications in order to provide a safer driving experience.

8 Notable Omission

While iOS 11 undoubtably brings some much needed improvements to the iPhone, we couldn’t help but notice the lack of change in the user’s ability to thoroughly and effectively erase data. iOS 11 makes no measure improvements to this aspect, but luckily there are various third party alternatives that serve this purpose well.

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Final Verdict

iOS 10 and 11 are visually similar and operate using a similar interface. There are numerous added features and improved mechanisms that make iOS 11 worth upgrading to, and enough bonus features to make us excited for the launch this coming Fall. While iOS 11 is a remarkable step forward for Apple, it certainly isn’t perfect. Luckily, where there is still room for improvement, there are many third-party applications like iMyFone Mate Pro that effectively bridge these gaps.