iOS 11 Concept – Showing Siri, Control Center, Camera, AR…

You can expect big updates from apple across all its platforms this year. The iOS11 is speculated to get some major changes to present the customers with an operating system of their dreams. Let us take a look at some major updates that are rumored to happen in the new iOS11.

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1 A new and Improved Siri

Apple’s artificial intelligence assistant is going to get a lot of new changes and it is going to make long strides in updating its features and making it the best artificial assistant in the market.

One of the key improvements that are going to be made in Siri is that customers will be able to use it in offline mode. After the sudden launch of Air pods, user inconvenience greatly increased when Siri wasn’t able to perform simple functions without internet connectivity. By making this useful update, interacting with Siri will become a lot easier.

Another enhancement that might be made in Siri this year is integration into various platforms such as iCloud, Apple TV. This will broaden user experience by allowing users to perform or share the commandments of Siri across multiple platforms. You will be able to play your favorite TV shows on the Apple TV while giving commandments to Siri on your Apple IPhone. This is an incredible feature that is bound to be a customer favorite.

You will also see a much improved and natural feel to Siri this Year and a comparatively less interfering behavior. You will be able to perform other operations on your IPhone without the interference of Siri. For example, if you want to watch a movie on your Apple IPhone, the Siri interface will hide itself allowing you to watch your movie and at the same letting you interact with the virtual assistant. This will result in the activation of multi-lingual environments and expand user experience significantly.

Apple is working towards a mechanism that will allow users to send messages in different languages courtesy Siri. This was a major concern for different apple users and Apple is working towards making it possible.
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2 Front 3D camera and integration of AR

AR is by no means a new technology anymore. It has been in the market for quite some years now and has been integrated in several platforms. We have seen how this technology in the game that took the world by storm, Pokemon go. Certain sources have reported that Apple is integrating AR with its native camera app which will revolutionize the way we use it. Just with a couple of hand movements and pointing at a particular thing in the environment will enable users to detect objects and visualize them closely.

This new feature will also mean that the gaming experience in the new ios11 will also be greatly improved. It will give the ability to users to use the 3D front camera ( ruored to be incorporated in the new IPhone) and click selfies and then use these selfies in various third party applications or games.

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3 Display/UI Changes

Youtube and all the big social website giants have employed a Volume HUD that provides minimal interference and seeing the success it has provided, Apple aims to equip its new operating system with a similar feature.

An always on Lock screen that will show various details informing the user about the date, time and other daily data is also a feature that is going to be added.

The display screen is also going to be bigger than the previous versions of the IPhone pointing towards the possibility of a split screen feature in the new iOS.
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4 Control Center

A revamp of the previous and obsolete control center was seen in the previous iOs10. Unnecessary toggles and introductions of multiple panes in the control center frustrated the users and increased inconvenience.

All these extravagant features are expected to be removed in the iOS11 and the incorporation of a low power mode that is a lot easier to turn on and off is also going to be a thing according to reports.
ios 11 Control Center

5 Messages and Apple Pay

User friendliness could significantly improve in the new messages app. The users might get an experience similar to whatsapp but with a lot more additional features. You will no longer feel the need to synchronise your messages while switching between devices. All you messages will be stored in the icloud service saving you from the hassle of synchronization. Apple cash will also be a new update in Apple’s mobile payment service allowing peer to peer payments right from your device with a few touches. You can use this payment to make transactions, buy stuff online etc.

ios 11 imessage

6 Dark Mode

The rumor about the Dark mode in the new operating system has been in circulation for months now but it hasn’t taken any pace. Still, very little is known about it and the best Apple has provided us with is Night shift in a previous version of the iOs. This didn’t even come close to fulfilling the desired expectations of the users, yet it was a step forward to a dark mode that will bring a whole new feel for the user.

The dark mode will give a stunning visual appearance to Apps apps if unveiled in the new iOs11. Apple will introduce a smart invent feature that will make the dark mode a possibility and this dark mode will go very well with the OLED screen that the Apple IPhone 8 will be equipped with.

The new iOs11 will be a thing of beauty and will bring with it major improvements in the previous version of the iOs. The customer experience will change significantly and it will provide them with updates that were begging to be made for years.

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