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iOS 11 Roundup: The 7 Hottest Features on Apple’s Upcoming iOS 11

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Michael Watson

June 8, 2017 (Updated: July 6, 2020锛

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Apple鈥檚 new best kept secret, the iOS 11 is just around the corner and people are curious about the new features that will be introduced in it. The unveiling of Apple鈥檚 newest operating system is speculated to be later this year and the expectations are pretty high. IOS 11 will be launched when the new Apple IPhone will hit the shelves.

There are a lot of rumors going on about the features of the new iOS but no concrete facts are yet known. Apple has done a pretty good job at concealing the details behind its much awaited operating system. This has created a lot of hype and buzz in the tech world.

Below, we have discussed some of the things that are known to be incorporated or improved in the new iOS. Let鈥檚 take a closer look at these rumors.

 2017 wwdc

1 A Supercharged Siri

There haven鈥檛 been major improvements in Apple鈥檚 virtual assistant Siri in the past few years and Apple has taken notice of that. Googles鈥 assistant and Amazon鈥檚 Alexa have both been equipped with new features and upgrades that have diversified customer experience and broadened their functionality.

It has been speculated that Apple鈥檚 Siri will get major upgrades in this new and exciting version of iOS11. How will Apple accomplish all this? Usage habits will be scanned by Siri and it will be made to learn from this data to have a better understanding of the user and his needs. Integration is also one of the factors that will enhance the Siri鈥檚 abilities. A much more in depth integration with iCloud, tvOS, Watch OS is expected. Moreover, the number of apps that will be compatible with Siri will also increase, allowing users to experience a lot more than they ever did before with the previous versions of Siri.

2017 wwdc Siri

2 Revamped Apple Music

Apple aims to completely overhaul Apple Music with new and advanced features. Apple is putting its efforts into bringing video content to Apple music by introducing Carpool Karaoke followed by Planet of the Apes. You can expect big changes from apple in this category as they have a history of revamping Apple music.

2017 Apple Music

3 Major Upgrades in Facetime

Factime is also one of the features of the iOS that hasn鈥檛 seen any major enhancements or changes in it in the past few years. It has been one of the most undervalued feature of the iOS . People have heard through the tech grapevine that certain changes such as making Facetime audio the default option of making calls are not going to go down well with US carriers. However, if this change does happen, then the quality of the calls will be greatly improved.

Another upgrade that facetime will be getting is additional support for group video calling giving users the option to add up to 5 people.

2017 wwdc facetime

4 One Touch Money Transactions between Apple Pay Users

Gradually, apple pay has seen some improvements in it over the past few years since its launch in 2014. Integration of peer to peer support in apple pay is supposed to be the next big thing in Apple鈥檚 mobile payment service. What will this feature enable? It will prove the user with the option to make money transactions between Apple pay users just with a few a clicks on their Apple device. This service is being dubbed as the Apple cash service.

ios 11 One Touch Money Transactions

5 The All New Video Editing and Sharing Application

The current features that the photos app in the Apple device has are limited to cropping, editing or adding Instagram like filters. There is no option of modifying videos or editing them according to your preferences from within the device which is a major drawback. It has been reported that Apple is going to introduce a video sharing app in its new iOS that will mimic the features of snapchat and Instagram. There will be a lot of things that you can do with your videos through this app such as adding filters to your videos and other graphics. You can then directly share these edited videos on any social media website. The masterminds behind this app are rumored to be iMovie and Final cut programmers. All in all, this is an improvement that was begging to be made in the new iOS.
ios 11 video editing

6 Drone and Indoor Mapping Data

By employing drone technology, apple is gearing towards major advancements in the Maps app. The concept behind this is to launch drones and monitor their flight to figure out architectural changes such as determination of construction zones. The data that is obtained from this operation will be analyzed by Apple and updates will be made to the Maps app accordingly.

Apple Maps app has come a long way since its launch. It didn鈥檛 provide users with the experience they wanted but now with recent improvements, it is a customer favorite for navigation. You can search different business entities and corporations, find public transit information and many other things with it. It also has a new car parked marker to make it easy for you to find your car in the parking area.

ios 11 Control Center

7 Low Power Mode That Activates Itself

As we all know that batteries in smart phones run out really quickly. There must be certain measures to regulate power to prolong battery timings. Apple is introducing a low power mode that will be activated automatically when your battery level falls below a certain threshold. This battery saving mode will also take into consideration your location and other features to automatically activate it.

These are the hottest advancements that are expected to be made in the new iOS and it will improve customer experience of the apple users significantly. It will also make the iOS a defining force in operating systems.

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