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iOS 11 Wish List: What We Want

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Aaron Donald

June 9, 2017 (Updated: August 4, 2020)• Filed to: iOS 11 Issues

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Rumors have been circulating about different updates in the iOs11 but nothing is for sure as of yet. There is a long list of things that the Apple faithful want in the new operating system. We have made a list of changes and upgrades that are begging to be made in the new iOS to enhance user friendliness and broaden horizons.

9 Major Updates in iOS 11 Wish List

1 Improvements in Siri

Siri has been around for a long time but we haven’t seen any major upgrades in it. Her abilities have easily been superseded by other virtual assistants such as Alexa and google assistant. Alexa can accomplish a lot more for you than Siri does and that’s a shame considering the potential of growth Siri Possesses.

There are a number of improvements that can be made in Siri such as support for more languages and integration with non Apple gadgets. Also, another thing that can further enhance Siri’s capabilities is integration with other Apple devices such as Apple TV. This will definitely make Siri much more user friendly and increase its functionality. A Siri speaker is something that the Apple customers are pleading for.

iOS 11 Siri

One of the things that need to be changed is Siri’s interface. It is stopping users from performing other tasks while interacting with Siri. The user cannot send texts and talk to Siri at the same time which can be highly inconvenient.

2 Switchable Users

One of the shortcomings in the previous iOS is that you cannot switch between two Apple IDs easily. You will have to wipe your device in order to sign in with another Apple ID. This is a feature that will come in handy in the future if parents choose to share their apple devices with their kids and want to cordon off some content from their kids by making a separate Apple ID for them which will be easily switchable.

3 Introduce Dark Mode

Many popular apps like twitter have been adding the dark mode to feast the user’s eyes and calm his nerves. Apple has yet to introduce a system wide iOs dark mode. Night shift compensates for this in some ways but it doesn’t enable you to go completely dark. If a dark mode is introduced in the new iOs 11, it will make the new Apple Iphone more visually stunning.

Dark Mode iO11

4 Reintroduction of Slide to Unlock Feature

One of the updates that frustrated Apple users the most was the exclusion of the slide to unlock feature. Now in place of slide to unlock, you have to physically press the home button to put in your pass code or activate your touch ID. The disappearance of slide to unlock screen has reduced user friendliness and it’s reappearance in the new iOs will be a step towards the right way.
Dark Mode iO11

5 Better App Organization

App organization is done manually in your Apple device and that can be tiring for the users. In order to organize apps, you have to drag them yourself to your desired place. Apple can introduce an app or an option that can automatically organize apps and categorize them according to their name and other factors just like Windows. This would make organization of apps a lot easier.

6 Unlimited iCloud Storage

Apple’s currently allotted iCloud storage space is 5 GB that includes space for backups, iCloud photo library, mail and many other things. You have to buy additional space for a low price but why the stinginess? For a company as big as Apple, it shouldn’t be hard to make some adjustments to make unlimited storage a possibility for users. Many other apps provide unlimited storage such as the Google photos app so why not iCloud? Surely, there must be a way around things.

7 iMessage App for Android users

Chat apps have revolutionized the way people interact with each other and are the new big things in the social media world. Everyone is using them and traditional and obsolete ways of sending messages are long gone. This is a rabbit race my friend and those who do not move with the tide are crushed by it. For that very reason, Apple needs to revamp the iMessage app. It is only compatible with Iphone which lessens the options for users. There must be an iMessage app for android devices as well so that users can interact between two different platforms through the iMessage app.
iOS 11 iMessage

8 Set Your Own Default Apps

One of the most important things that should be considered while developing any software is simplicity of usage. Whenever you want to open a link in safari or any other Apple app, you always get a popup message asking your permission to go to your destination using a particular app such as Google maps. Wouldn’t it be a lot better if there was an option to bypass this extra step? Apple could give users the freedom to set their default apps without going through such frustrating prompts.

9 iOS Keyboard

State of the art third party keyboards with a lot more options and functions than the simple styled Apple keyboard were introduced in the previous versions of the iOS and they were instantly a huge hit among Apple users.

Why am I complaining about Apple’s keyboard when you can so easily replace it with other great third party keyboards? The reason behind this is that when it comes to typing in secure entry text fields, there are certain limitations set by the iOS. You can only use the standard apple keyboard to type in your password which means that you can never really part your way with the stock keyboard.

iOS 11 keyboard

If this is too much of a hassle for apple, they can try to make subtle improvements in their keyboard so that it can be on par in terms of quality and functionality with other third party keyboards.

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