Discussions About the Messages in iCloud Feature of iOS 11.3

One of the most prolific features of the iOS 11.3 releases is Messages in iCloud. This feature first appeared with the iOS 11 beta release and MacOS High Sierra but was later removed only to come back with the iOS 11.3 beta. With the Messages in iCloud feature, users can see their Messaging history on all devices even when they’ve been disconnected for a long period of time.

When opened on any device, the Messages app will prompt the user to turn on the Messages in iCloud feature. For users with two-factor authentication on iCloud and iCloud backup enables will get the feature automatically enabled. The following are just some of the more prevalent questions users have regarding the new feature.

Do Messages Count Against Your 5G of iCloud Space?

User Guess: The best guess is yes. This is because the feature will often require iCloud storage to keep the messages so they can then available on each device connected to that iCloud account.

Will This Feature Allow PC Users to Text from the iCloud Site?

User Guess: Some users guess that this will never happen because iMessage is extremely valuable to the ecosystem. If you have an iPhone and Mac, it is likely that the feature will also make it easy for you to text from the web.

Will this Work for iMessage or also for SMS?

User Guess: Because it is titled messages in iCloud, the feature will likely work for both iMessages and SMS; everything in the messages app.

How do I access the Message once I have deleted It on the iPhone?

User Guess: When deleting the message, you will see a popup message appear on the device asking you if you’d like to delete it from just this device of all devices.


A lot of users are looking forward to this feature which should make messaging that much more convenient on the device. Finally! Apple adds a truly useful feature to its ecosystem. Tell us your opinion and don't hesitate to leave us a comment!

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