Do you have an iPhone 5s and are wondering whether you should upgrade to iOS 11? The 5s and all other 64-bit iOS devices are compatible with the new version. While iOS 11 and all of its new features may seem attractive to power users, there are also a few reasons not to upgrade. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of upgrading below:

Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your iPhone 5s to iOS 11

As time goes on, technology moves forward, so there are many advanced features in iOS 11 that may interest you. The 5s is the oldest iPhone that is still compatible with iOS 11, so you might want to take advantage of this and enjoy the latest technology. Here are some of the most important features of iOS 11:

Compressed Videos and Photos

When you use your camera on iOS 11, the photos and videos are stored in a new format to save space. These formats are called HEIF and HEVC and they compress your images and videos without causing loss of quality. If you're the kind of person who likes to take lots of pictures and often has to deal with your storage filling up, then this is a godsend.


More Integrated Apple Pay

It will be easier to use Apple Pay with iOS 11. You will be able to send individual people money (like your friends), and you'll be able to pay people through iMessage easily.

Messages on iCloud

You will be able to store and access your messages on iCloud. Not only does this mean that you won't have to give up as much storage space to house thousands of messages, but your messages will sync automatically when you upgrade or switch to a different device.

messages on iCloud iOS 11

Apple Music

You will have enhanced access to Apple's new music-based social media platform, Apple Music. You can share playlists with friends and see what other people are listening to.

Offload Unused Apps

This is a special feature that saves you space by allowing you to uninstall apps that you rarely use, but keep the data in case you want to reinstall.

offload unused apps on iOS 11

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Upgrade Your iPhone 5s to iOS 11

Just as there are reasons to update, there are also reasons to hold off until you have a more recent iPhone model or until the final version of iOS 11 is out. The 5s does technically work with iOS 11, but there are a few problems:

Battery Life

Battery life with iOS 11 on the 5s is generally worse that with iOS 10.3.2. This is typical of new operating systems, though, and as iOS 11 is refined and patched, the battery life may improve.

battery life iOS 11

Some Bugs on the Main Screen

Again, this may be due to the fact that iOS 11 is still in its early stages, but at least one user reports that sometimes you can't pull down the notification center or pull up the control center unless you lock your screen and then unlock it first.

App Store is Not as User Friendly

Apple traded aesthetics for usability in the iOS 11 version of the App Store. It is completely redesigned and not as easy to navigate as the previous version.

new app store on iOS 11

Bug in the YouTube App

A current bug across all iOS devices is that the YouTube search bar in the YouTube app is missing until you watch a video (then it suddenly appears).

Some 3rd Party Apps Won't Work

Unless the app has been updated by the developer, there is no guarantee that old 32-bit apps will work on your iOS 11 device.

Large Apps Run Slower

Users have noticed that some larger apps like Facebook and Instagram run slower than they did on iOS 10.3.2. There is lag both when loading and within the apps themselves.

Moving Icons Can Be Buggy

Though you can move multiple icons now on iOS 11, this feature still doesn't work quite right on the 5s. The icons can be slow to move and you may not be able to pick them up and slide them around.

moving icons on iOS 11

iOS 11 introduces many important features that can make your iPhone more efficient with space and can offer a lot of new functionality. You may especially find the storage saving features helpful if you have a 5s with a 16 GB storage capacity like most people.

However, there are also many bugs that make some of iOS 11's features less usable. With these issues still plaguing iOS 11 in its early stages, it's probably best for most people to wait until the final version of iOS 11 to upgrade, especially if it's with an iPhone 5s.