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What’s New about Apple Music in iOS 11

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Gabriel Hammond

July 22, 2017 (Updated: June 23, 2020)• Filed to: iOS 11 Issues

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The new iOS 11 coming this fall is expected to change a lot of things on your iOS device. It is expected to make the iPhone even better and make the iPad even more capable. One of the most instrumental aspects of the new iOS 11 is the advanced and improved possibilities for augmented reality in apps and games. Some people have already begun to enjoy the many benefits of the new iOS 11 with the beta builds.

The beta builds can be a great way to check out what to expect when iOS 11 goes public, but beta builds often have a lot of issues. If you chose not to install the beta on your device and are waiting for the public version, you can still check out what others are saying about the update or check out the official Apple specs guide for iOS 11. One of the things that you can expect will change tremendously with iOS 11 is Apple Music. The following are just some of the changes to expect.

Make Listening to Music a Social Affair

In the new Apple Music, there is a social feature that begins with the “For You” tab. The tab, located below the New Music and Favorites playlists allow you to see albums, playlists, and stations that your friends play. Just to make it even more social, below it will find recommendations from people you follow.

The recommended music will also display your friend’s avatar or friends who have played it. Tapping on it will bring up links to their full profile. Someone’s user profile will show the music they played and the playlists they create as well as the timeline of the music they are listening to. Other features in the profile include who they follow on Apple Music and who follows them.

If you find a playlist your friend has created on Apple Music and you like it, you can add it to your library which in turn lets you subscribe to their playlists. You can also add several recent albums they’ve played, editor playlists and radio stations they’re listening to.

Make Listening to Music a Social Affair

Ability to Share your Profile and Privacy Settings

You also have a lot of control of your own profile, which you can access by tapping on your Avatar or from the “For You” tab. You are able to view and control what your Apple Music friends see on your profile. You can edit your profile name and avatar or even choose to make your profile public or limited to just a few approved friends. You can also share a link of your profile.

If there is a song you’re playing but don’t want others to see, you can hide it from you Listening to Stream. To do this, simply long-press on the item or 3D touch to reveal options and then select “Hide from profile.” You can also choose to make the playlists you create on Apple Music Public or private.

 Share your Profile and Privacy Settings

What do People Talk About the New Features

While all these features are great, many users are disappointed there is no option to create collaborative playlists. It seems that Apple did everything with Apple Music expect to allow for collaborative playlists. We can only hope that they’re listening and the feature will be added before iOS 11 is released or in successive updates. It would also be really cool if these new features were integrated with social media profiles like Twitter and Facebook.

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