WWDC 2017: Apple’s Box of Tricks – Apple TV

Apple TV is a set top box that combines media device features such as: playing digital media, gaming abilities, providing platform for apps, online media streaming, and ability to stream content from apple devices to a tv

Part 1: Apple Tv 5: News, Recent Updates and Changes

Before the WWDC 2017 announcements on Apple TV 5, rumors already had it that the new Apple TV 5 is understated, smart and still under developed. After the announcements, we saw the new side Apple’s Box of Tricks (Apple TV) is taking in becoming “the world greatest technology revolution” as the Cupertino promised.

After the WWDC 2017 announcements, we have been getting the following questions about Apple TV updates and changes, and here also are the answers we gave:

Apple TV
  • When is the Apple TV 5 release date? – September latest.
  • How much will the Apple TV 5 cost in USA? - There is no starting price yet, but it will be valued based on hard drive size.
  • What Hardware Changes should we expect from the new Apple TV 5? – None.
  • Will the Apple TV have 4k video support as rumored? – Yes, it would because all its contenders are already playing 4k videos.
  • Will it have a bigger hard drive and faster processor? – Yes, we expect to see a newer chip.
  • Will it support AirPods with Siri? – We’re not certain yet, but will believe it will enable iCloud syncing.
  • Will Apple make its own game controller? – No, Apple isn’t concerned with building gaming accessories yet.
  • Will Apple TV 5 include a router? That may be unlikely.
  • What would be the software changes? – tvOS 11
  • Will Siri support more feature? Yes, we expect to see a good expansion in features and components.
  • If I buy Apple TV, will it become a HomeKit hub? No, unless they launch the rumored HomeApp.

Part 2: Our Review on Apple TV

From everything that we have seen so far, we can conveniently say that Apple is not the king of digital tv streaming. Even as we’re currently using the fourth generation of Apple Tv, Apple has fallen short of delivering on its promise of becoming the world digital TV revolution.

From WWDC 2017 announcements, we learnt that a new Apple TV that is capable of playing 4k videos will be launched in the coming fall. Bloomberg sources reported that the new Apple TV 5, which has been codenames J105 will display more vivid colors. It would be most likely that the new Apple TV will be released in September, and would be a new feature in the coming iOS 11.
2017 wwdc Apple TV

Advantages Apple TV 5 will have compared to other options

Some of the advantages Apple TV 5 will have over tv streaming options like Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and Roku include:

  1. Amazon Prime Video App: Apple CEO Tim Cook was happy to announce that Amazon Prime TV app will be featuring in Apple TV. But this is not a competitive move as such because Amazon Prime TV is already existing in Amazon Fire TV.
  2. 4K Video Player: Apple’s box of tricks is supposed to feature 4k video player as every other tv streaming service is already offering it. This is not a competitive advantage too.
  3. Apple TV 5 will be a huge improvement on previous version.

Pains/cons when using Apple TV

Among the many reasons why Apple is losing the market to competitors, here are the major reasons why users are not happy with Apple TV.

  1. Pricing: When compared to other tv options that offer more advanced features, Apple TV price is on the high side. 32GB Apple TV costs $149, while the 64GB version costs $199. However, the new Amazon Fire TV costs just $99, while Roku 4 costs $129, and both can play 4k videos.
  2. Content Restriction: You will need to purchase your movies and music from Apple for the best Apple TV experience.
  3. Unupgradable memory: Just like every other Apple device, Apple TV is limited to memory space, and it does not accept microSD cards like Amazon Fire TV.
  4. The future is Uncertain: Apple TV is still struggling to secure a niche among market leading tv streaming options like Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and Roku.
  5. It has Zero Interest in Showing Live TV: Apple doesn’t want to believe that over 87% of those who watch tv do watch live tv. Live tv accounts for 65% of total video viewing, but Apple does not have interest in promoting live tv.

Part 3: iMyFone Tunesmate – Two-Way iPhone Media Transfer

Apple has plans to restrict content management and file sharing on Apple TV. Hence, all files transferred to iPhone may not play effectively on Apple TV. However, there is software that promotes transferring files from iOS to PC, iOS to iTunes, and vise-versa. It is iMyFone TunesMate. It features drag and drop format of transferring files.

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TunesMate is the best iPhone media manager and iTunes rebuilder. It can be used to delete multiple apps just in one click. It can support all types of files such as music, playlists, movies, camera roll, photo library, podcasts, iTunes u, tv shows, audiobooks and more. It is the best alternative to iTunes.

Key Features iMyFone TunesMate

TunesMate is a must-have iPhone manager and iTunes rebuilder. Here are some of the key features.

  • Supported data: Music, Playlists, Movies, camera Roll, Photo Library, Podcasts, iTunes U, TV Shows, Audiobooks, and more.
  • Free Transfer: Freely transfer media files between iPhone and iTunes without erasing iPhone original data.
  • Rebuild iTunes Library if data is missing.
  • Selectively transfer iTunes files instead of transferring all data at once.
  • Support both free and paid media files.
  • Directly add files to iPhone from PC, so your media files in USB, other iOS and android devices, external disc can also be added to iPhone.
  • iMyFone is trusted by thousands of users (every year) and reported by well-known media around the world

Steps in Using TunesMate to Transfer Video from iTunes Library to iPhone

Tunesmate can make it easy for you to transfer videos from iTunes library to iPhones, iPad or iPod. This we can do through these steps.

Step 1: Launch iMyFone TunesMate on your computer and connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod with a USB cable.
Step 2: Click "Transfer iTunes Media to iDevice" from the Home interface of TunesMate. It will scan all the media files in your iTunes library and show them in list.

transfer iphone files

Step 3: All the media types will be checked by default. You can uncheck the specific types you do not want to transfer to your device. Click "Transfer" button to begin the transfer process. Click "OK" button to finish it.

transfer itunes media

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