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WWDC 2017: New Macs, Siri Speaker, iPads, iOS 11, and all the latest rumors about iOs 11

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Aaron Donald

June 8, 2017 (Updated: August 4, 2020)• Filed to: iOS 11 Issues

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Change is never an easy thing…but when it comes to change taking place in the world of technology, there are more happy faces than sad ones about what’s going to happen. The modern world of technology is rebuilding its technological foundations every hour of every day. And the platform taking the lead of it this year is Apple, with its latest advancements made in the iOs 11.

Apple users all over the world have heard the rumors about what Apple is likely to be presenting to them this time with the changes made in iOS 11. Maybe the brainiacs behind Apple are not letting on more than they know; maybe the tid bits they have shown so far of what the altered version of iOS are more accurate than we think. However, a glad tiding is sure to be expected from this new version when it comes to taking the communicative approach of modern technology to a whole new level, one where users are guaranteed to benefit all through the way.

So, in case you have not heard some of these rumors about Apple’s iOs 11, here is a short summary:

7 Updates of Apple Product Revealed in Apple's WWDC 2017

01 The Updates in Siri Speaker

The updates made in the Siri Speaker are proving to be the anticipated ones in the iOs 11 update. Apple will not only be updating Siri but will also be revealing the Siri Speaker hardware device. So why update the speaker at all? Apple has other giant competitors, no doubt. And two of them, Amazon’s Alexa software and Google Assistant pose a threat to Siri, which is why the improvements in Siri are inevitable.

Apple has always been good at letting out not too much nor too little about its upcoming changes, yet we do know now that it will include the following updates in Siri:

  • iCloud syncing
  • iMessage integration
  • Learning from behaviors of users and working in accordance from there on out
Siri Speaker WWDC

02 Videography

Other than the improvements made in Siri, users can expect some new changes made in the video content displayed in the iOS 11 as well. This is possibly to be expected in the form of an updated Music app that showcases video content better; with a more defined GUI.

Users have been active enough to leave some more ideas on their wish lists about what sort of changes they would like to see in the Apple iOs 11. And Apple has a good reputation for being user friendly, which is why those ideas have been considered and implemented practically in the updated iOs11. Some of them are:

  • Group FaceTime
  • Dark mode feature
  • Multi-user support
  • Expanded 3D Touch support in Control Center and more

03 iPad Improvements

Apple users should expect iPad improvements as well in the updated version of iOs 11.These improvements include:

  • Multi-user support
  • A higher level of smoothly maintained multitasking
  • Magic Mouse support
  • More Pro apps like Final Cut Pro X
  • System-wide drag and drop
  • An improved split-screen app picker Finder for iOS
iPad Improvements in WWDC

04 WatchOS Improvements

It will be updated to version 4, adding new features to Apple’s wearable device. These features will allow more interactive user interface while being independent of iPhone use.Out of these, following upgrades are worth mentioning;

  • Inclusion of more appls like Notes and Podcasts. Apple Watch will function more independently of the iPhone.
  • Possibility of improving existing apps like the Calendar app.
  • More detailed information can be added on the Workouts and Activity applications (like the ability to view workout data after you’ve saved it) whereas this feature is iPhone-dependent currently.
  • Use of some TLC, like Now Playing made more easily accessible.
  • Volume control, since AirPods are popular now.
  • Additional customization options and new watch faces.
watchos WWDC

05 TvOS Improvements

What’s currently missing in this feature in the iOs is Netflix support, only supporting Hulu. The new update will be supporting Netflix. It would be a good reason for users to upgrade to tvOS 11.

Another common user request now implemented in the update is a Home app. There’s currently no Home app allowing users to manually interact with accessories. But now this will be possible too. Apple also aims to focus on the Apple TV News in the update. Apple News would be integrating video content with live streams from news outlets, providing users with an all-in-one news experience.

Updates in macOS 10.13 is what rounds off with the WWDC software updates. Little is known about what features macOS will come in, but possible ones are:

  • Apple File System bringingmacOS in line with iOS.
  • Improved Siri support.
  • New macOS apps, such as Apple News and Podcasts.
  • Updates to Safari, Photos and other system applications.
tvOS improvements 2017

06 Updates in Hardware

This year, Apple has some new hardware for WWDC too, alongside covering the software elements. Users can expect the following updates in the hardware products: a new iPad Pro, refreshed MacBooks, and the oft-rumored Siri Speaker.

07 A New 10.5-Inch iPad Pro

It’s expected to be slightly bigger than the 9.7-inch iPad line. It will feature:

  • More screen real estate.
  • Marginally taller and slightly wider body size.
  • Repositioned microphones that match up with the design of the new $329 iPad introduced earlier this year.
  • Updated A10X processor and stereo speakers.
A New 10.5-Inch iPad Pro

In addition to this new iPad Pro model, users should also expect a refreshed 12.9-inch iPad Pro. It’s likely that this update will be somewhat small and will be in line with the rumored 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

Among the rumors heard so far, there are also whispers of a new version of the Apple Pencil, though not a lot of details have been out about it. If you come to think about it, WWDC will be a perfect place to release it with, let’s say, a refreshed Smart Keyboard.

Apple also seems to be planning a host of Mac updates for this year’s WWDC. MacBook Pro, 12-inch MacBook, and MacBook Air will be updated too. For instance, new tier of the 15-inch MacBook Pro will be available, one which shall offer its users with 32GB of RAM.

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