iOS 12 Troubleshooting

Here is a guide to help you fix the problems that you may meet during or after updating to iOS 12.

Why iOS 12 Update Failed?

Here are some common reasons why iPhone/iPad/iPod touch won't update to iOS 12.


iOS update requires stable and active network irrespective of whether you are upgrading through iTunes or over the air. If the Internet connection is poor, the update will fail.


If you are updating your device via iTunes: iTunes is an old version; you are not using the original USB cable; antivirus software or firewall settings obstruct the update; poor computer performance, etc.


If you are updating your device to iOS 12 over the air: your device has insufficient space; the server is too busy to enable connection; Settings App is not running well; not enough power in the battery, etc.


iOS 12 software is not installed properly for some unknown reasons.

Helpful Tools for iOS 12 Troubleshooting

Recover the deleted or disappeared data, even the data lost after iOS 12 update.
Fix various iOS problems during or after iOS 12 update without data loss.
Selectively backup iOS devices and restore partial data from iTunes/iCloud/iTransor backup.
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