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App keeps freezing after Updating to iOS 13.2/13.1/13, Find Solutions Here

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Heather Marston

November 4, 2019 (Updated: June 22, 2020)• Filed to: iOS 13 Issues

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In most cases when our phones app freezes, we assume it is the insufficient memory. However, a lot of users reported that updating iPhone to iOS 13.2/13.1.3/13.1.2 might incur situation where iPhone lags or app freezes. The issue of apps keeps freezing on iOS 13 is a common problem after iOS update. This issue should not worry you but instead, you should be able to know how to solve app keep freezing iOS 13.

In this article, we will show you six ways on how to stop apps from crashing on iOS 13.2/13.1.3/13.1.2/13. Let us get started.

Solution 1: Clear All Background Apps

If you had apps running while updating to iOS 13, these apps could be the corrupted and affect the performance of your iPhone. Therefore, it is important to clear all background apps and you will stop apps from freezing on your phone. Follow this guide:

Step 1.  On the "Home screen," and swipe up from the bottom.

Step 2. Next, you have to swipe left or right to navigate through the app previews.

Step 3. After that, navigate to the top of the app reviews and tap on "-" and the apps will close. Do so for all the apps.

clear background apps

Solution 2: Restart Your iPhone

You can also stop the app from freezing after iOS 13 update, by restarting your iPhone. Restarting device will clear cache files that could be causing apps to freeze. To restart files, do the following:

Step 1.  First, long-press the Side/Power button with either Volume buttons simultaneously until you see the Slide to Power Off option.

slide to power off

Step 2. Next, click on the drag the power off slider to the right to turn off the phone.

Step 3. From there, press and hold the Side/Power button after like less than a minute again until the Apple logo appears.

Your Phone should then start and operate normally.

Solution 3: Install Pending Updates of Apps on iDevice

The app that keeps freezing could be outdated and it will not work well with iOS 13.

Therefore, you have to update the apps from the app store. Here is how to install pending updates of Apps on iDevice.

Step 1: On your device locate "App Store" and tap on the "Updates" icon which would be on the bottom of the screen.

Step 2:  Next, to tap on the "Update" option which is available in front of individual apps or tap on "Update All" to update all the outdated apps on your device.

update all apps

Solution 4: Reinstall the Apps Which Exhibit the Problem

At times the app itself that is freezing could be the one that is corrupted and you might consider uninstalling and reinstalling it.

Step 1:  On your iPhone "Home Screen" locate the app that is freezing and then press it until the other apps jiggle.

Step 2: Next, you need to tap on the X mark on the app that you want to uninstall.

Step 3: A confirmation message will appear, click on "Delete" button.

delete app ios

Step 4: After that, locate the "App Store" app and search for the app you have just deleted and tap "Install"

Step 5:  Once you have installed the app you should be able to open it normally.

Solution 5: Turn off the Restrictions on Your iDevice

Another solution to stop app keep freezing iOS 13 is to disable the app restrictions. By default, when updating the OS, they might have been turned on. To turn off the restrictions on iDevice do the following:

Step 1.  Go to "Settings" head to "Screen Time" and then tap on "Content & Privacy Restrictions"

Step 2:  After that choose to "Disable the restrictions" by turning it off.

disable restrictions

Solution 6: Reset All Settings

If all the solutions are not working, you can try to reset all settings on your iPhone. Remember by resetting your settings will not erase data on your iPhone but it will erase phone settings that you had made that could be making an app to freeze. Here is how to reset all settings

Step 1.  Go to "Settings" on your Home screen and tap on "General" option.

Step 2. Next, tap on "Reset" option and select "Reset all settings" from the menu.

reset all settings

 Step 3. You might be prompted to enter your passcode, do so and proceed to reset all the settings on your iDevice.

Solution 7: Use iMyFone Fixppo to Fix App Keep Crashing iOS 13

Now, if you have tried all the six solutions and your app still keeps freezing then you need to use a professional iOS system repair tool like iMyFone Fixppo to solve the problem. With iMyFone Fixppo you are assured that you will solve the app from freezing or any other software related issue on your iDevice with 100% success rate. Moreover, it will not cause any data loss during or after the repair.

Now download and install iMyFone Fixppo on your computer.

Windows version Mac version

Step 1. After installing iMyFone Fixppo on your computer, choose "Standard Mode" and connect your iDevice to the computer.

 standard mode

Step 2.  On connecting your iDevice, the computer should detect immediately. Then you will see an interface that allows you to download firmware. What you need to is to select your device model and then click "Download" to download firmware.

download firmware under Standard Mode

Step 3. After that click on "Start" and the iMyFone Fixppo will begin to fix your iDevice. Once the process is complete you can disconnect your iDevice and start it.

start to fix your device

By now the program will fix the app freezing and random crash issue on your iDevice running iOS 13.


In summary, when an app freezes on your iDevice after iOS 13 update know that is something common with iOS devices.  What you need to do is know how to resolve the issue either by restart device, resetting all settings, turning off restriction among others. However, these solutions may not help and the best method to use is iMyFone iOS system repair tool.

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