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Top 7 Ways to Fix iPhone 11 Bluetooth Issues

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Heather Marston

October 12, 2019 (Updated: June 22, 2020锛

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If you have been using Bluetooth frequently, there are certain iPhone 11 Bluetooth issues you might have come across. These hiccups may include failing to connect after pairing, failing to transfer files once connected, not able to capture nearby new devices, and more. These may prove to be problematic. Nonetheless, this article is going to post you on how to troubleshoot iPhone 11 Bluetooth issues.

1. Best Way to Fix iPhone Bluetooth Not Working Issues with iMyFone Fixppo

The use of iMyFone Fixppo is a professional panacea to iPhone 11 Bluetooth issues. The program gives assurance of the iPhone 聽going back to normal with only a couple of clicks. It is integrated with new technologies making it quick and reliable. Below are more key features of it:

  • 100% success rate:It offers a 100% success rate for repairing iOS system issues.
  • Repair All iOS Issues:This powerful iOS repair tool not only straightens Bluetooth problems but also any other iPhone issues like iPhone being stuck on the white/black screen, Apple logo, Recovery Mode or restarting loop. effectively and thoroughly.
  • No Data Loss:It will not result in any data loss during or after the iOS repair process.
  • Pretty Easy to use:This tool is pretty easy to use, you can totally resolve the iOS issues on your own at home without asking help for Apple.

Now check out below and know how to maneuver around with iMyFone Fixppo when you encounter iPhone 11 Bluetooth dropping calls or other bluetooth related problems.

First, if you have not installed the program on your computer, download using its official link and install it.

Windows version聽聽聽聽Mac version

Step 1: Launch the program and select "Standard Mode" from the primary window. Now, connect your iPhone to the computer using the lightning USB cable. Click "Next". 聽The program will automatically detect your connected iDevice and proceed to the next step.

 standard mode

Step 2: At this step download the firmware. Upon the program automatically detecting your iDevice, it will display all the available versions for iPhone 11. Go through the versions of the firmware and select the one you prefer and then click "Download".


Step 3: Wait for the download to complete and then check if the firmware information tallies with the iDevice. If correct click on the "Start" button and initiate a Bluetooth fix.

start to fix your device

Leave for the fixing process to carry on undisturbed. A Success notification will appear once the fix is complete. Restart the iPhone and Bluetooth should function normally.

successfully fix your device

2. Update iOS Software

It is recommended to be keeping your iOS device software up-to-date. This is vital as the new iOS update comes with advanced security features and adds all the latest iOS features to your iDevice. The out-of-date OS version might be the cause of your iPhone 11 Bluetooth issues.

To check the OS version, you are running on your iPhone, navigate to "Settings" then scroll and select "General". Under the general settings, go to "Software Update". 聽If you are running on an outdated OS version, you'll be prompted to update the OS, otherwise, the iPhone 11 is running on the most recent iOS software available.

software update

3. Toggle your iPhone Bluetooth and Restart iPhone

If you are running on the most recent iOS software on your iPhone 11, you can turn to this option which has proven to be effective. This is usually of great help especially when your iDevice has not been powered off over a long time.

Start by completely turning off Bluetooth before hard restarting the iPhone. To toggle Bluetooth, go to "Settings" and click on "Bluetooth". 聽聽On the Bluetooth control panel, click on the switch on the top of the screen to turn off Bluetooth.

Proceed by hard restarting iPhone 11. Quickly press and release the volume up then followed by the volume down button. On the other side of the iDevice, press and hold the power button until the screen switches off and then back on. Immediately the Apple logo appears, release the power button.

toggole iphone bluetooth

4. Disconnect from a Bluetooth Device

This is yet another effective way of solving iPhone 11 Bluetooth issues. It is a common norm to disconnect and reconnect Bluetooth when it turns to be problematic.

Again, go to "Settings" and select "Bluetooth". Choose a specific device that misbehaves and "Disconnect". Then preferably turn off Bluetooth then back on and see if it will reconnect.

disconnect bluetooth

5. Forget a Device and Pair Again

If disconnecting Bluetooth device and reconnecting it back fails to resolve the Bluetooth problem, opt for this advanced fix. Make your iPhone forget the Bluetooth device after which you start the pairing process once again.

Navigate to "Settings" and then to "Bluetooth" menu. Select the device you intend to forget then choose "Forget This Device". 聽Then start pairing the Bluetooth device again.

6. Try to Pair the Bluetooth Device to Another iPhone

Before you presume that Bluetooth feature is problematic on your iPhone, it's good checking also if the accessory you've connected Bluetooth with is faulty. Try pairing your iDevice to another iPhone. If that happens to be successful the problem could be lying on the Bluetooth device itself instead of your iPhone.

7. Reset Network Settings

If after trying above troubleshooting workarounds and still your iPhone 11 Bluetooth issues persists, place your bet on resetting network settings. Note that not only will you erase Bluetooth information but also other network settings will get wiped away including known Wi-Fi networks and VPN configurations.

Step 1: Go to the "Settings" app on your iPhone and select "General". Then scroll to the bottom of the screen and click "Reset".

Step 2: On the reset screen, select "Reset Network Settings" and enter your passcode and your iPhone will turn off and restart.

reset network settings


Now, I believe you've learnt how to fix iPhone bluetooth issues in iOS 13.2/13.1.2/13.1.1/13, if you have more solutions, you can leave comments in the comment section below, we will keep updating.

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