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How to Fix WhatsApp Crashing in iOS 13

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Heather Marston

October 8, 2019 (Updated: June 22, 2020)• Filed to: iOS 13 Issues

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Many people have encountered Whatsapp crashes in one way or another, all caused by different factors. However, common crashes are triggered by factors like corrupted software or bugs, faulty updates, incorrect settings, wrong installation, and system conflicts among others. We can see that a variety of causative agents are software-related, meaning we can solve them as end-users. In this article, we have given a comprehensive guide on the best fixes on WhatsApp crashing in iOS 13.2/13.1.2/13.1.1/13.

Way 1. Force Quit WhatsApp then Restart

Force quit then restart is a common quick fix across several system issues and WhatsApp crash iOS 13 isn’t an exception. It helps to get rid of minor random glitches and helps clear the app of minor problems. For iOS devices, this process is done by simply forcing the app to quit then launching it again. To perform this task:

Step 1. Press the "Home" button twice in quick succession.  This is just the equivalent of double-clicking an app icon on the computer.

Step 2. The subsequent screen would display the list of recently used apps. Go through the list to locate the WhatsApp program. Swipe up on WhatsApp icon to clear it from this list. If there are other background programs also running, you can clear them to avoid any confusion. Just follow the same procedure and remove them from the background. Wait for some few seconds then relaunch your WhatsApp.

force quit whatsapp

Way 2. Uninstall and Reinstall WhatsApp

If the above option fails to work, you can think of uninstalling then install the app. This is specifically a good option if the very WhatsApp program under question is corrupted and cannot work again. Here is how to uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp on iOS 13.

Step 1. On the Home screen, tap and keep a hold on any of the available apps on your phone.

Step 2. When the icons start to jiggle, locate WhatsApp and tap the "X" in the left corner of its icon. This will delete the faulty WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Step 3.Hit "Delete" to confirm that you actually want to uninstall the corrupted application.

uninstall whatsapp

Way 3. Perform A Soft Reset or Force Restart Your iPhone

If the problem persists, then consider soft reset or in simply terms restarting your device. This method is commonly known to fix several program glitches like those resulting in WhatsApp crashing. Remember this process does not touch your data. Therefore, be sure your data will remain safe throughout the entire process. This process is done as follows:

Step 1. Press and keep holding either the "Power" or "Side" button.

Step 2. When the Slide to Power Off menu appears, let free the Power button.

Step 3. Drag the slider to the right so that your iPhone goes off.

Step 4. Wait for about 30 seconds then press and hold the Power/Side button until the Apple logo appears.

soft restart iphone

Now if your iOS device screen freezes and WhatsApp cease working or crashes, then a forced restart would be the option. This is an alternative reboot option for situations where the device freezes as a result of corrupted contents or simply errant apps. To perform forced restart:

Step 1. Press the "Volume Up" button and quickly release it.

Step 2. Press the "Volume Down" button and again release it.

Step 3. Now press and keep hold of the Side/Power button until you see the Apple logo.

Just like soft restart, your data will not be affected and therefore there is no need of creating a backup prior to this task.

force restart iphone

Way 4. Install available app updates

Keeping apps to date can be a perfect solution to fix WhatsApp crash iOS 13.1. It is known that some malicious programs or bugs tend to prevent certain applications from running as required. App developers always unleash new updates periodically just the way iOS updates keep rolling in. the updates are meant to ensure the apps run effectively and also come with security aspects to keep off any bugs that might interfere with the proper working of normal programs.

Step 1. Hit the App Store program icon your Home screen.

Step 2. From the App Store primary window, navigate to the bottom right and hit the Updates icon. The program would then display the list of apps with pending updates.

Step 3. To install the new updates to WhatsApp, simply tap the "Update" button beside the Snapchat.

Step 4. If there are several updates for the app, click "Update All" to get them installed at once.

install updates

Way 5. The Most Effective Method to Fix WhatsApp Crashes in iOS 13

iMyFone Fixppo is definitely the best option for you when it comes to fixing an assortment of iOS related problems including iOS 13 WhatsApp Crash, iPhone not turning on, a screen stuck on Apple logo and many other iOS and app issues. It ensures a 100% success rate in fixing various iPhone/iOS/iPadOS issues without any data loss. Moreover, this tool is pretty easy to use, only 3 steps needed, you can fix WhatsApp crashing issue and get it working normally again.

Now download and install the software from the official website and follow the steps below to fix the problem with your iPhone.

Windows version    Mac version

Step 1. Launch iMyFone Fixppo

Run iMyFone Fixppo on your PC and choose "Standard Mode" on the main interface. Then connect your device with the computer via a USB cable then click "Next" to proceed.

standard mode of imyfone fixppo

Step 2. Download the Firmware

The program will detect your device model and display the firmware version alongside it. Verify the details and click "Download" if the information tally. The firmware will be downloaded and checked by the program before it extracts it.

download firmware

Step 3. Fix the iOS problem

If the information about the firmware is correct, click the "Start" button triggers the fixing of WhatsApp crash in iOS 13.

start to fix

Within only 3 steps, you can fix the WhatsApp crash issue and get it working again.


If you had an issue with WhatsApp crash in iOS 13 then this article has narrowed down all the aspects surrounding the WhatsApp crash in iOS 13. Use iMyFone iOS repair tool and get to understand the meaning of an appropriate tool. It is surely the best tool to fix WhatsApp crash in iOS 13.1 problems.

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