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Which is More Secure for You, Apple iOS 11 or Android?

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Aaron Donald

November 29, 2016 (Updated: August 18, 2017锛

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People often like to debate the merits of the Android platform and the iOS 11 platform, and the truth is that each of them has its pros and cons. Android vs iOS 11 security features are definitely a focus of this debate from time to time, and it is probably one of the main concerns that people have when choosing the right platform for them. Like anything else, though, there are a lot of differing opinions and controversy. The world just seems decided up as Windows phone vs Android vs iOS 11鈥攂ut let's try to get as clear an idea as we can about what each operating system is like when it comes to your safety.

Security: Android vs iOS 11

As mentioned, the answer of which platform is more secure isn't always easy to ascertain, so let's examine a few of the strengths and weaknesses of each.

1 iOS 11 System

What Apple has going for it is that it has a tendency to work as a closed system, which is inherently more secure. The company has a long history of obsessively controlling every aspect of the design of their devices, from the software to the hardware. You won't see much if any variation in iPhone of the same generation, but Android phones on the other hand come in all kinds of hardware configurations.

Another restrictive aspect of iOS 11 that seems to have paid off in terms of security is the inability of users to download and use unapproved apps. This means that there are less apps to be downloaded in the store, but it also helps to keep malware from running rampant. Thanks to this, you can often get away without using any kind of anti-malware app at all, though it is still recommended.

Long story short, iOS 11's approach to security is to simply restrict the user's freedoms. This might be a perfect arrangement for some people, but others long for something more flexible. It is that inflexibility that is probably iOS 11's biggest flaw.

2 Android System

Android security vs iOS 11 can be seen as a natural consequence of a more open system. Certainly when just about any third-party can build an Android phone, there is bound to be not only more variation, but more opportunity for security breaches. For instance, the Google Play store is still filled with malware, and even apps that are legitimate may be collecting too much personal information.

In addition, since it's much easier to download apps from places other than the store, it's easier to expose oneself to shady applications that may be collecting private information or trying to defraud you in some way. Granted, this is obviously the responsibility of the user, and Google does seem to frown on the practice. Your Android device will usually warn you against downloading non-approved apps and the ability to do so will often be disabled by default.

iOS 11 or Android?

When it comes to iOS 11 security vs Android, the winner is clearly iOS 11. It is a robust platform that is much less vulnerable against hackers, identity thieves, and malware, all because of the level of control that Apple seeks to exert over its product. This is both good and bad, but overall if your biggest concern is security, iOS 11 is where you will want to turn.

Of course, iOS 11 still isn't absolutely perfect or anything. As with many other platforms, it still collects a lot of personal information, and that personal information is often never erased. Even files that you delete may still be present and recoverable in some form. This certainly isn't the ideal situation if you're looking to sell or give away your phone.

Fix iOS 11 Risks: Completely Erase Private Data from iOS 11

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