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Best Alternative for Aiseesoft FoneEraser: Erase iPhone Data

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Aaron Donald

February 8, 2017 (Updated: April 2, 2018锛

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Have you been looking at different iPhone data erasers, wondering which one would work best for you? There are lots of third-party alternatives if you want extra security, and a popular one is Aiseesoft FoneEraser. However, this is not necessarily the best one. Lots of people don鈥檛 realize yet that there鈥檚 a new, better data eraser and that it is lightweight and easier to use than even FoneEraser.

What is Aiseesoft FoneEraser?

FoneEraser is a computer-basic software by Aiseesoft that is designed to delete data permanently from your iOS device. It works with a few different devices and allows you to permanently delete your data from your phone. This is better than manual deletion because it is unrecoverable and you don鈥檛 have to worry about someone using software to find your deleted files again.

As with any software, though, it has its pros and cons:


    - Permanently all the data from your device.
    - Work with different iOS devices so you can guard your privacy on iPhone, iPod, and iPad.
    - It is quite easy to do so since it only requires 3 steps.
    - Its interface is user-friendly enough.


    - It does not support to selectively erase private data.
    - It does not support to find out the manually deleted files and permanently delete them.
    - It does not support to clean your iOS device and speed up your device.
    - It only has 1 function.

All and all, if you want to permanently erase all the data on your device for resale, it鈥檚 an okay application, though.

Best Alternative to Aiseesoft FoneEraser- iMyFone Umate Pro

Now that we鈥檝e gone over Aiseesoft FoneEraser, let鈥檚 take a look at its rival, iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac . Like FoneEraser, it will help you to permanently delete your files so that no one will ever know what you were doing on your phone. It lets you clean up your device quickly with just a few clicks, it will erase all of your private data, and it can also find and permanently erase files that you have manually deleted. Data erased by iMyFone is 100% unrecoverable.

Windows version Mac version

It鈥檚 one of the best tools you can use to ensure your privacy when using an iOS device, and it鈥檚 the best alternative of Aiseesoft FoneEraser.

erase deleted files

Why We Choose iMyFone Umate Pro?

There are a lot of reasons why we chose it over other similar tools:

  • It has a 1-click clean up function that makes it really easy to get rid of junk files on your device and permanently delete them.
  • It has a very simple interface that even someone very young or very old could figure out. In other words, it鈥檚 intuitive.
  • It supports iOS versions over version 7.
  • It makes it easy to erase your private data and have a secure phone.
  • It also supports to permanently delete third party app data, like WhatsApp and WeChat.
  • Even some incomplete fragments of third party apps can be found out and permanently erased.
  • With just a few clicks, you can erase all data permanently, which is handy if you are going to sell or give away your phone and you don鈥檛 want everyone to see what files you had on there.

In order to use iMyFone Umate Pro, just follow these simple steps. Here we take permanently delete iPhone data for example.

Step 1: Launch iMyFone Umate Pro on your computer and plug in your device.
Step 2: Choose 鈥淓rase Private Data鈥 and hit 鈥淪can鈥 to begin a deep analysis of your device.
Step 3: Preview and select data to erase and type 鈥渄elete鈥 to confirm.
erase private data

It really is an easy, three-step process like this with every once of iMyFone Umate Pro鈥檚 functions.

Let鈥檚 compare it to Aiseesoft FoneEraser to get a better idea of the pros and cons of both:

Apps and Metrics
Aiseesoft FoneEraser
Work with iOS 10 and iPhone 7
Extremely simple interface
Thoroughly clean device
Speed up your iDevice
Permannetly erase all data on device
Safe for resale or giving away
Delete media from device in bulk

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