Whether you are planning to sell your old iPad in order to get a newer model or you simply want to get some cash, there are many places where you can sell it to get the best possible deal. Selling your iPad in one of the places listed in this article is certainly worth your while.

Things You Must Do Before Selling Your iPad

Best Places to Sell iPad

Things You Must Do Before Selling Your iPad

Following are some things you should do before selling your iPad:

1 Back Up Your iPad Data

It is a good idea to back up all your iPad data to your computer so you can restore it when you purchase a newer model. A lot of people back up their iDevice data before resetting it. This is a good practice and you should do it as well.

2 Erase All Data Completely hot-tip

While factory reset deletes all your data, there are still losts of fragments left in your device. It's very easy to recover your personal data from the left fragments by using third-party recovery app. To completely erase all your data, an iOS data eraser software is necessary. It is recommended that you use iMyFone Umate Pro. This app is special designed to permanently erase all kinds of data from iOS devices.


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Key Features:

  • Erase all your iPhone data permanently. So that no one will be able to recover your private data after you sell your device.
  • Relatively safer option than ordinary factory reset, as there is no fragments left in your device.
  • All you to preview your private data so that you can erase them selectively.
  • Permanently erase traces/fragments of your already deleted files.
  • Completely erase third-party app data, such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Youtube, Viber and more.

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A great amount of professional software review sites recommend iMyFone Umate Pro to protect privacy, including聽APPKED, MacWorld, iPhoneinCanada, etc.

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Best Places to Sell iPad

Here are some best places where you can sell your iPad:

1 eBay

eBay is one of the best place to sell iPad. You can sell your iPad to potential buyers on eBay pretty easily. However, your iPad must be in a good condition because otherwise the buyer may not be convinced to pay a good price. It is recommended that you offer all the accompanying accessories and box along with the iPad itself in order to get the desirable price.

On eBay, you have to do most of the legwork which means you have to name the starting price and then bidders will offer you their deals. It may take a few days to sell your iPad on eBay but you can get a good price if you are patient.


iPad 4 can fetch around $200 to $500 on eBay while you can get around $140 to $360 for your iPad Mini.

2 RadioShack

RadioShack is a popular electronic retail store that offers a trade-in program for used devices, including iPads. Not only can you ship your iPad to RadioShack for free, you can also walk into a store and sell your iPad. You simply need to answer a few questions about the condition of your iPad and then get an appraisal from RadioShack. Even if your iPad is totally broken, you can still earn some cash by selling it on RadioShack. Obviously an iPad which is in good condition will fetch a very good price.


The value of your iPad can then be redeemed for another purchase in a RadioShack store. You can fetch around $45 to $180 for your iPad 4 while your iPad Mini can get you around $41 to $175. The pricing varies depending on the condition of the product.

3 NextWorth

NextWorth is another popular service that exclusively deals with used gadgets. Although you may not get the best resale price on NextWorth, selling your used iPad on it is a lot more convenient than most other places. You can ship your iPad for free in order to sell it on NextWorth.

Furthermore, they also erase all your iPad data when they receive it. However, it is recommended that you erase data yourself via Umate Pro just to be sure.


You can get up to $338 for your used iPad 4 while an iPad Mini can fetch you up to $223.

4 Apple

Apple started their recycling and reuse program several years ago. It allows customers to sell their old iDevices. When you sell your iPad in the trade-in program of Apple, you will be paid in the form of Apple Store gift card which you will be able to use for purchasing newer models.You can even sell your non-functional iPad for proper recycling and disposal, but you won’t get paid for it. The process is simple, you just need to tell what condition your iPad is in, whether you have removed all the content, and if you have accessories.


If your iPad 4 is in good condition, then you can get up to $231 for it. You can trade-in your iPad Mini for around $136 if it is in good condition. Apple will take care of the packaging and shipping.

5 Craigslist

If you can handle spam emails, waiting a long time to sell your iPad, spending a lot of time finding the buyer, then Craigslist is for you.


You can get the most cash for your iPad if you sell it on Craigslist. Your iPad 4 in good condition can be sold for around $180 to $550. If you are selling an iPad Mini, then you can sell it for around $175 to $300 depending on its condition.