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How to Block Websites on iPhone? [Solved]

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Tata Davis

November 6, 2018 (Updated: November 6, 2018)

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The need to block websites on iPhone might arise at some point or the other, especially if you have children who either own iPhone or iPad, or frequently use yours. There’s always the need to control what contents they have access to when surfing the internet. Thankfully, Apple allows you do just that, you can get to limit adult contents so your kids don’t accidentally run into websites they shouldn’t, blacklist specific, or even shut off all sites altogether.

How to Block Sites on iPhone?

Everything you need to take control of the contents your children are exposed to on their phones or yours are well stocked right there in the Restrictions (iOS 11 and Earlier versions) or Screen Time (iOS 12) menu of your iDevice Settings app. Here’s how to use block websites on iPhone using Restrictions:

Block Websites On iPhone (iOS 11 or Earlier)

If you are on iOS 11and earlier version, Apple has got you fully covered as far as advanced parental control is concerned. In the event that you just want to try to avoid your children hitting on inappropriate links with obscene contents, take the following steps:

Block Adult Websites on iPhone (iOS 11 or Earlier)

Step 1: Launch the Setting app from your device Home screen.

Step 2. Tap on General > Restrictions > Enable Restirctions. You'll be aksed for a 4-digit passcode which your children can’t guess. Type in your passcode again to reconfirm.


Step 3: Click on Websites under Allowed Content.

Step 4: Select Limit Adult Content. This will block most adult content websites from being accessible on Safari.


Block Certain Websites on iPhone (iOS 11 or Earlier)

If you, however, want a more enhanced restriction, continue to the steps below to limit access to specific websites:

Step 1: Click on Add a Website under NEVER ALLOW.

Step 2: Type in the URL of the website you want to block in the Website field.

Step 3: Select Done. Repeat the process for each site you would like to block.


Block Websites On iPhone (iOS 12)

The process of Limiting Adult Content on iOS 12 is somewhat different from that of iOS 11 and earlier versions. Before you get started, though, ensure you have set up Screen Time on your iOS 12 device. Let’s get started.

Block Adult Websites on iPhone (iOS 12)

Step 1: Launch Settings app, then select Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Content Restrictions.

Step 2: Click Web Content.

Step 3: Click Limit Adult Website. This will block off most adult content websites.


Block Certain Websites on iPhone (iOS 12)

But if you want a more enhanced restriction, then proceed to these next steps:

Step 1: Click Add a Website under NEVER ALLOW.

Step 2: Type the URL of the website you want to block into the Website field.

Step 3: Click Done. Repeat the process for each website you want to block.


Options You Should Know before Blocking Websites on iPhone

To help you make better use of the Restrictions/Screen Time, we listed the available options under Restrictions/Screen Time:

  • Unrestricted Access: Clicking on this option allows you to remove ALL restrictions from your phone or your kids’, thereby granting them limitless access to surf any website on the phones. It’s under the Web Content menu under restrictions.
  • Limit Adult Websites: This option, when activated, automatically blocks most adult content websites while using Safari, thus preventing your children from hitting links that could take them to adult contents websites while browsing.
  •  Allowed Websites Only: When this option is activated, it blocks access to every website, except the ones you specifically allow, so you are able to decide what sites your children can access.
  • Always Allow: Websites you add in this option, will always be accessible- like educational and informational sites.
  • Never Allow: This is an enhanced restriction wherein you can input specific website URLs that you never want your children to access.

How to Permanently Erase Websites Data?

One very effective way to protect your privacy is to permanently erase your iPhone website data history, so you don’t have to worry about unauthorized access to your sensitive website data like bank information, or your website history. Most things we delete from our iPhone are actually still lurking around someone in the device, and with the right tools and software can still be recovered.

iMyFone Umate Pro is an amazing software that prevents web data thieves from stealing your data and personal bank information by helping you to clear out sensitive data, tracking cookies and cleaning your web cache.

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Options for Erasing Websites Data:

  • Protect against privacy leaks by permanently erasing safari caches, history, and cookies.
  • Find and erase safari history that you have previously deleted, to prevent them from being recovered again.
  • Allows you to preview before you erase, so you don’t erase the wrong/unintended thing.

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iMyFone Umate Pro has been recommended by lots of noted media arround the world: MacWorld, iPhoneinCanada, APPKED, etc.

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Steps to Permanently Delete Website Data

Step 1. Download, install and open iMyFone Umate Pro, then connect your iPhone to your computer.

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Step 2. Select the Erase Private Data mode and click on Scan button. It will scan all the private data on your iPhone, including photos, messages, Safari data, WhatsApp messages, etc.

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Step 3. After scanning, check the Safari History, Safari Cookie, Safari Cache, then click on Erase Now to start erasing.


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