Do you know that Apple gave the iOS 13 Messages app a massive makeover with several choices that made iMessage on the iPhone a lot more fun? Now to be known as iOS 13, the new app will be more user-friendly and all-inclusive.

No doubt, the new iOS 11.3 has many great features that will give you significantly more incentives to use for all your daily digital needs. Of the many new Messages enhancements in iOS 11.3, here are a few changes you should know.

1 iCloud Messages

Messages on iCloud was supposed to bring to iOS 13 but the feature didn't make it cut. Developers discovered in iOS 13, but it doesn't mean that the public iOS 13 will come with this feature. But perhaps?

How Can We Take Advantage of iCloud Messages:

  • Read all the messages as you sign into an iPhone, iPad or Mac.
  • Deleted messages are deleted from all your devices.
  • Attachments are stored in iCloud to save space on your device.

2 Business Chat

iOS 13 come with Business Chat for users to communicate with businesses in Messages app. Businesses including Discover, Hilton, Lowe's and Well Fargo are supported. Business chat allows you to communicate with a service representative, schedule an appointment and make purchases via Apple Pay. But it won't share the user's contact info with businesses.

3 Messages Gets New Animoji

This feature is only for iPhone X users. iOS 13 introduces 4 new Animoji, giving users to express themselves as a lion, bear, dragon or skull.

ios 11 messages apple pay

The Importance of Private Protection on iOS 13

Though the iOS 13 gives you the opportunity to delete message quickly, you may not be aware that your private messages are being viewed by someone else. This calls for vigilant, and to do this you need a software program to protect your privacy.

First, you may want to know how many records you have deleted. This feature is not on iOS 13, but there is a free way to view your deleted messages. iMyfone Umate Pro is the only reliable tool you can use for this purpose.

Permanently Erase iOS 11.3 Messages to Avoid Privacy Leak

iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac is a third-party software that allows you view all deleted files or messages on your iOS devices. It then helps to delete them permanently without a chance of recovering them. Umate Pro protects your privacy and ensures that no matter how many iDevices you have, none of them will endanger your privacy.

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Key feature of Umate Pro

  • Erase Completely: Once a message is deleted with Umate Pro, it cannot be recovered. Thus, your messages will not get into the wrong hands.
  • Erase Deleted Messages: Any recovery tool out there can be used by unscrupulous persons to access your deleted messages. However, Umate Pro ensures that the likelihood of someone accessing your message does not occur.
  • Erase All Types of iOS Files: All iOS files can be deleted using Umate Pro.
  • Erase Third-Party Apps: Whatsapp, WeChat, SnapChat, etc. can be deleted easily with Umate Pro along with all data on these apps.

Umate Pro is recommended as the must-have iPhone data eraser by lots of media: MacWorld, iPhoneinCanada, APPKED ...

Using Steps to Permanently Erase iOS 13 Messages

Step 1. Download iMyfone Umate Pro and install on your system.
Step 2. Connect suitable iOS device to the system via a cable. Choose the mode of "Erase Private Data".

connect your iPhone
Step 3. Scan and preview files to be deleted.
iphone private data
Step 4. Select the iOS 13 messages to erase and click on "Erase Now". You should also confirm deletion when asked.

erase iphone messages