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Most users of iPhone are not aware of what ESN is all about. As important as mobile devices like iPhone is, many a user are not giving any concern to important features that makes this device useful. But, what actually is ESN?

An electronic serial number assigned to your iPhone is called ESN. It is used with CDMA phones in place of SIM cards. ESN number gives identity to an iPhone.

You may wonder why you need to concern yourself with getting iPhone ESN cleaned. Sometimes, the ESN get bad and this is why you need to ensure your ESN is clean. If your ESN gets bad, you will be prevented from activating your iPhone on your current carrier. So, it is important to clean your iPhone ESN.

1 The Difference between Unlocked and Clean ESN

The difference between unlocked and clear ESN iPhone is not much, by a clean/clear ESN, we mean that the iPhone can be activated with a certain provider. However, if your iPhone has bad ESN, it cannot be activated.

On the other hand, if your device has unlocked ESN, it will provide you an opportunity to use more than one wireless carriers. A carrier may lock the ESN to prevent the free iPhone from be used on another carrier's service.

how to clean esn on iphone

2 How to Check Clean ESN on iPhone When Buying A Used iPhone

Checking your ESN may pose some problems mainly because some providers do not allow for easy checking of ESN. Some networks carriers, however, provided an opportunity to check the ESN when you buy an iPhone.

But, if you just purchased a used iPhone, you need to know how to check your ESN if clean or not. Since many carriers do not allow for easy checking, the best way is to use online free tool for your ESN checking. Simply find a tool called CheckESNFree and input your ESN. It will tell you whether it is clean/clear or not.

how to clean iphone esn

3 How to Clean a Bad ESN on iPhone

Cleaning your bad ESN can be done in 3 ways:

  1. Contact the previous owner: If you bought a used iPhone, to clean the bad ESN will require you to contact the seller. The seller can then communicate with the carrier on behalf of the new owner and pay off any remaining account balances.
  2. Contact the carrier directly: Another way to clean bad ESN is to contact the carrier. The carrier can explain the reason for the bad ESN and ways out.
  3. Use a different carrier to clean the ESN: You can clean/clear the iPhone with a different carrier. You should first flash the phone to delete all of the original carrier's settings. Then, let the new carrier activate the iPhone.
 Bad ESN on iPhone

4 How to Check and Clean IMEI on iPhone

Generally, to check IMEI of your iPhone requires a code. For some carriers, you may be required to dial a code like *#06# to see the IMEI number on your screen.

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iMyFone Umate Pro Key Features

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How to Use iMyfone Umate to Clear up your iPhone

1. Connect Your iPhone to Your Computer

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2. Start Scanning to Analyze Your iPhone

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3. Easily Clean up Your iPhone

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Importance of permanently erasing iPhone private data

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