Even the powerful devices like iPhone X, if ou upgrade it to iOS 13, it can become a bit sluggish at times when you load them with lots of music, photos, and apps. This is because the more processes run on a device, the more the RAM is consumed. Fortunately, there are ways to speed up the device by clearing the RAM.

What Does Clearing RAM Do on iPhone iOS 13?

Cleaning RAM allows the iPhone to clear out any background processes that you currently don't need running. When you clear RAM on an iPhone X, there are no visual indications. However, you will instantly feel the difference in your device's speed and performance. In short, iPhone X performance is boosted when you clear its RAM.

How to Clear RAM on iPhone X?

Best Free Way to Clear RAM on iPhone X iOS 13

Most of people prefer using a third-party software to clear RAM on their iPhone/iPad, as it is really fast and convenient.  Here, we highly recommend you iMyFone Umate Pro.

iMyFone Umate Pro is a professional iDevice data erasing software that is equipped with powerful features. Apart from clearing RAM for your iPhone X, it also completely remove your private data, previously deleted files, as well as third-party app fragments from your iPhone X. So, you get additional benefits and truly boost your device in this way.


  • Clear RAM on your iPhone X and boost its performance with one click.
  • Clear large files, compress photos, and clean useless files on your iDevice and save a lot of space.
  • Wipe incomplete data fragments left by third-party apps to avoid privacy leak and save storage for your iPhone X.
  • It's FREE to clear RAM on your iDevice (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) and boost its performance significantly.
  • iMyFone Umate Pro has received lots of positive reviews from Makeuseof.com macworld.co.uk, APPKED, etc.

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Steps to Clear RAM on Your iPhone X

Step 1. Connect your iPhone X to your computer and launch iMyFone Umate Pro.

Step 2. Select 1-Click Free Up Space mode from the software's home screen. And click the Quick Scan button shown on the next screen.

qclick quick scan

Step 3. Once the scan is finished, use the Clean buttons in front of junk files and temporary files to clear RAM for your iPhone X. iMyFone Umate Pro will instantly erase them and will also tell you how much space has been freed up.

click clean to release space

Other Features of iMyFone Umate Pro

  • Erase all types of data from your iDevice permanently by overwriting it.
  • Erase your deleted data to make it unrecoverable.
  • Preview data before you erase it. It also allows you to erase data selectively.
  • Erase private data of third-party apps such as Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc.
  • Erase private data such as contacts, messages, call history, notes, etc. permanently (Lean More >>).


Manually Clear RAM on iPhone X iOS 13

Clearing RAM on iPhone X is a bit lengthy and complicated when compares with other iPhone, as iPhone X doesn't have home button. You will need to use the AssistiveTouch feature to clear its RAM. Here are the instructions:

Step 1. Open Settings app on your iPhone X, and navigate to General > Accessibility.

Step 2. Now find AssistiveTouch option and turn it on. A white and gray circle will appear on the screen.


Step 3. Now go back to the main interface of the Settings app and navigate to General, find and tap the option called Shut Down. You will see a pop-up menu prompting you to power off using the Cancel button shown at the bottom.


Step 4. Now tap the AssistiveTouch button and then tap the on-screen Home button and hold it until the screen flashes and returns to the Home screen. Now, the RAM of your iPhone X has been cleared.



Keep in mind that clearing RAM on your iPhone X will not close any of your apps that were open. It will just reload them.

How to Clear RAM on iPhone 8 and Older iPhones?

Clearing RAM on iPhone 8 and older iPhones is relatively easy as compared to iPhone X thanks to the presence of the Home button. The process to do this is quite straightforward.

  • On your iPhone, press the wake/sleep button and hold it.
  • Now you will see a slide to power off screen. Release the wake/sleep button and then press the Home button and hold it. The screen of your iPhone will flash blank in a few seconds and then Home screen of the iPhone appears.
  • You can let go of the Home button now.


Sometimes, Siri comes up due to pressing and holding the Home button. That's why it is recommended that you turn Siri off before proceeding to clear RAM on your iPhone.