Do you know that every social media app on your iPhone is permitted to keep history or record of what you have searched? We have dealt with many topics on how to clear social media app’s search histories on iOS device. But today, we shall be discussing specifically on how to clear Instagram search history on iPhone.

Part 1: How to Clear Instagram Search History on iPhone

If you are not certain of the need to clear your Instagram search history or whether Instagram keep search history, you can click on the app right now, and tap on the search icon. What you are now seeing are the names and hashtags you have searched recently.
We have outlined some simple methods on how to delete history on Instagram, you can follow them below to clear your search history.

#1. How to Delete Instagram Searches from Instagram Settings

Step 1: Launch your Instagram app.
Step 2: Click on your profile icon.
Step 3: Click on Instagram settings icon on the top right corner of the page.
Step 4: Scroll down to Clear Search History and click on the option.
Step 5: Select Yes, I’m Sure from the pop-up notification to complete the process.
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#2. Clear All Recent Search History from Instagram via Search Bar

Step 1: Launch your Instagram app, and click on your search history icon.
Step 2: Click on the search bar at the top of the page.
Step 3: A list of recent search history will be displayed, click on “Clear” option.
Step 4: All your recent Instagram search history has been wiped out.
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Part 2: How to Permanently Erase Instagram Files on iPhone

How to delete history on Instagram cannot be fully discussed without mentioning the roles of iMyFone Umate Pro / iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac in controlled permanent Instagram data erasure. Erasing caches from your Instagram search history can keep your Instagram app healthy, but this is not a warranty against data breach.

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iMyFone is trusted by thousands of users (every year) and reported by well-known media around the world!

If you need a tool that will guarantee data security, and offers zero tolerance on data breach, then iMyFone Umate Pro should become your data erasing tool at all times. Some of the uses of Umate Pro in Instagram data erasure include the following.

#1. Erase Instagram Private Fragments

Umate Pro is the right tool for erasing Instagram fragments. Erasing fragments is the deepest and the most complete data erasing, it will erase permanently all your private traces. Follow these steps to do it.
Step 1: Launch iMyFone Umate Pro, and connect your iOS device to your Mac or PC.
Step 2: Click on Erase Private Fragments tab, and click on Scan button to continue.
Step 3: iMyFone Umate Pro will scan all your third-party apps, and tell you how much private fragments you have on your iPhone. You can click on “Erase Now” button to clean them.
Step 4: Type “Delete” into the box, and click “Erase Now” to complete the process.
 Erase Instagram data from iPhone

#2. Erase All Instagram Data

If you do not want your private data on Instagram to be visible to the public, then you need to erase private all Instagram data from your iPhone.
Step 1: Go to Erase All Data tab, and click on Scan button to continue.
Step 2: iMyFone Umate Pro will scan all the files you have on your iPhone. You can click on “Erase Now” button to clean them.
Step 3: Type “Delete” into the box, and click “Erase Now” to complete the process.
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Please, do note that every bit of data on your iPhone will be wiped out PERMANENTLY after this process. It is also very relevant to note the importance of permanent erasure.
1. Permanent erasure is necessary in deleting sensitive and personal data.
2. It is necessary in controlled file erasing to eliminate data breach.
3. Permanent erasure is beneficial to high risk data firms who require extra care in eliminating their data.

Part 3: How to Erase All History on iPhone

iOS apps store up histories on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, but leaving them undeleted on your iPhone can be disaster waiting to happen. There are lots of disadvantages in keeping iOS app history on iPhone.
The best way to completely erase all history on iPhone is through iMyFone Umate pro. It can erase all history from iPhone.

Why Use Umate Pro to Delete All History on iPhone

1. 100% unrecoverable: Simple deletion of files through apps or settings make no difference to a hacker. Every one of such deleted files can be recovered. But erasing data with iMyFone Umate Pro renders your deleted files 100% unrecoverable.

2. Support all kinds of History: Umate Pro supports all kinds of iOS data. You can erase your iPhone call history, safari history, all previous deleted files, WhatsApp data, WeChat data, Snapchat traces etc.

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