Completely Erase iPhone WhatsApp: Messages, Contacts, Videos, Photos etc.

People who use the WhatsApp will agree that it has the potentials of eating too much of space on your iPhone. Therefore you may want to erase WhatsApp due to the following reasons.

Delete WhatsApp attachment: Deleting attachments like media files on WhatsApp on your iPhone are important because it helps you save a whole lot of space which might have caused some problems like slowing your speed etc on your device.

Erase Text Info: There are also some privacy concerns in WhatsApp conversation and this could be another reason to erase iPhone WhatsApp which is to erase text information that could contain some private vital information.

Part 12 Ways to Delete Entire WhatsApp Message on iPhone

You can delete all tracks of WhatsApp, text messages, voice messages, chat history etc on your iPhone and it is not a difficult process. For example, due to some reasons, you may be interested in deleting the all WhatsApp message history which includes the ones that were received and sent, or you may want to delete individual chat history in WhatsApp. However, whatever the option, WhatsApp can allow you do that with the following simple steps.

1 Delete iPhone WhatsApp Chat Directly

Step 1: First launch the WhatsApp app on your iPhone and then go to Chats.
Step 2: Then go to Edit seen on the top from the left corner.
Step 3: Next is to tap the delete button.
Step 4: Enter WhatsApp number and tap “Delete All Chat”.

2 Delete iPhone WhatsApp Chat from Setting

You can also clear the entire WhatsApp chat history all at once on your iPhone with these steps.

Step 1: Launch the WhatsApp app on your iPhone.
Step 2: Go to Settings found on the bottom.
Step 3: Scroll down and find “Clear All Chats”.
Step 4: Then enter WhatsApp number and clear all chats.

delete chat whatsapp iphone


These few steps will see all the chat history cleared off. However, it is important to note that all deleted files by the process above can be recovered with a data recovery tool, making it unsuitable especially when privacy is very important.

Part 2 Completely Erase All iPhone WhatsApp Tracks with No Chance to Recovery

Like mentioned earlier, it is important to note that simple deleted files can be recovered, but if you want to erase iPhone WhatsApp track (messages and attachments) permanently, you can use iMyFone iOS Data Eraser or iMyFone iOS Data Eraser for Mac. This software is an all in one solution for your iPhone space saving and privacy protection.

Windows version Mac version

Apart from erasing WhatsApp messages, it is also capable of cleaning all WhatsApp attachments like photos and videos as well as erasing previously deleted WhatsApp tracks on your device, leaving absolutely no opportunity to restore even with the most sophisticated data recovery tools.

erase iPhone photos

In permanently and safely erasing iPhone WhatsApp history, iMyFone utilizes 3 erase modes that you can choose from. These erase modes are:

Erase All Data: Some people erase data by doing a factory reset but note that it does not erase data permanently. However, the “Erase All Data” mode in iMyFone erases all data completely and permanently leaving no traces at all.

Erase Deleted Files: You deleted iPhone WhatsApp messages can be recovered easily, but iMyFone has the ability to find the deleted WhatsApp data and erase it permanently without chance of recovery.

Erase Private Data: If your WhatsApp contains some private data then this mode will ensure that it is completely removed and destroyed, making it unrecoverable and securing your private information.


Umate pro also have the function of 1-Click Cleanup, it offers you the opportunity to clean up your device in just one click. With it, you can easily remove temporary files, manage apps, delete or compress photos, mass delete videos etc. This can help you manage space better and ensure your device performs at optimal speeds.
But the files deleted in this mode, can be recovered by recovery tools.

The good thing is that the steps involved are just easy, they are :

Step 1: Connect your iPhone.

connect your iPhone

Step 2: Select any Erase mode you want to use. Then Scan your iPhone.

erase iPhone whatsapp

Step 3: Select the WhatsApp files that you want to erase, and click on "Erase Now" button to erase your WhatsApp permanently.

erase whatsapp data