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How to Deal with Huge WeChat Video Call Data Usage on iPhone?

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Tata Davis

February 18, 2017 (Updated: July 9, 2020锛

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Do you have huge WeChat size on your iPhone? This is a possibility because WeChat is a great app which boast of very interesting features like video calling, texting, voice calling etc. These features are what every day users of iPhone would normally engage it and as a result the possibility of having huge WeChat size becomes higher.

To be clear, WeChat video call is capable of eating up a whole lot of data storage on your device because it is high data consuming program. Unfortunately, huge WeChat video call data usage is capable of affecting your device by creating some performance related issues like slowing down your device. For this reason, it is necessary to clear up WeChat data on your iPhone device.

How to Clear up WeChat Video Call Data Usage via WeChat App

One of the ways to clear WeChat is by using the app itself, but you must note that this system can just free up only little storage. In fact, it may just clear just a meager 50MB which is not enough to clear up your WeChat data. The following are the steps:

Step 1: Open the WeChat app
Step 2: Go to Settings
Step 3: From Settings, navigate to General and then Storage
Step 4: Tap on Clear WeChat

WeChat Video Call Data Usage

How to Effectively Release WeChat Video Call Data on iPhone

The most effective way to release WeChat storage is by using the ever reliable iMyFone WeChat Data Eraser for iPhone. This data eraser remains the world鈥檚 number 1 space saving and privacy protection solution for your iPhones and iPads. It has the capability of restoring your devices to perform at its optimal speed by recovering enough storage on your device. It is the best solution for erasing WeChat data:

Windows version Mac version

  • Clear Up Hidden Useless Junks and Temporary Files: Your WeChat produces a lot of useless caches, junks and temporary files that eat up storage space. Unfortunately, these files are invisible but the good thing is that iMyFone is capable of clearing them up.
  • Erase WeChat Photos and Videos: The reality is that WeChat photos and videos get stored on your iPhone at the end of the day and this is responsible for eating up the most space on your device. iMyFone WeChat Eraser for iPhone is capable of erasing them in such a way that they cannot be recovered again.
  • Erase Previously Deleted WeChat Files: If you have previously deleted WeChat files via the app or any other simple means initially, the truth is that they also can be recovered with modern recovery tools. However, the program is capable of seeing these already deleted files and erase them again, and this time it cannot be recovered again even with the best recovery tools and this protects your privacy.
  • Selectively Erase WeChat Messages: The good thing about the iMyFone Eraser is that you can selectively erase WeChat messages if you have huge number of messages on your WeChat. The implication is that you have the opportunity to safeguard other WeChat messages on your device instead of rendering the whole process unsuitable.

What are The Steps Involved in Erasing WeChat Data on iPhone?

It is easy to use and it involves just few steps as can be seen below:

Step 1: Run the program and connect your iPhone to it.

Wechat on iPhone

Step 2: Select the capable erase mode and scan your device.

Scan WeChat Data

Step 3: After scanning your device, tap clean/erase to erase WeChat data on your iPhone/iPad.

wechat video call data usage


It is important to note that the Umate Pro has a superb 鈥1-Click Cleanup鈥 feature which can be used to free up iPhone storage easily. It offers you the capability of removing junk and temporary files, exporting/removing large files, exporting/compressing/deleting photos and other operations. It helps restore your iDevice in such a way that makes it to start performing at optimal speed once again.

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