How to Recover Your Forgotten iCloud Password?

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I have forgotten my iCloud password, what do I do? If you own an Apple Device, then you know that your Apple ID is also the ID for your iCloud account. Forgetting our logins to an Apple ID is the worst feeling as it is very integral in the overall user experience and the fact that we are locked out and can’t access our important files.

Don’t scratch your head too much as there are several ways described below on how to deal with “forgot iCloud password on iPhone”. You can either choose to reset your iCloud account without a password by use of third-party applications like or through the multiple options that Apple Inc. provides to recover a forgotten ID login or password. In general, resetting your iCloud password simply means resetting your Apple ID

Apple’s Multiple Ways on How to Deal with iCloud Forgotten Password

Apple devices require users to enter Apple ID details frequently in many of the services including iCloud. As a precaution, Apple Inc. being aware that once a password is forgotten it becomes tough to remember, it provides several ways in which to reset a forgotten Apple ID.

Way # 1: Reset iCloud password using recovery email

Step 1. Go to your Apple ID account page and click on "Forgot password."
Step 2. Key in your Apple ID (if you have forgotten the ID steps will be outlined below on how to recover it)
Step 3. Then select the reset your password option and click on continue
Step 4. Select "Get an email."
Step 5. Apple will send you a password reset email to an email associated with your Apple ID with a link to reset your password. Click “Reset now” and enter your new password.
Step 6. Once done you can sign in with it, and you will have successfully reset your iCloud password
Reset iCloud password using recovery email

Way #2: Recover iCloud password by answering the security questions

Step 1. Go to Apple ID account page and click on "Forgot password."
Step 2. Enter your Apple ID and if you have forgotten it, follow the steps on how to find your Apple ID
Step 3. Select the option to reset your password and click on “Continue.”
Step 4. Choose "Answer security questions" to reset your password
Step 5. Enter your date of birth, and afterward, Apple will then ask you two questions. Enter the correct answers, and you will arrive at a Reset Password page
Step 6. Once in the Reset password page then you can enter your new password which you will be asked to sign in with again.
Recover iCloud password by answering the security questions

Way #3: Reset iCloud password on two-factor authentication enabled accounts

Step 1. Open the apple account id page and click on "Forgot password."
Step 2. Enter your apple id and if forgotten refer below on how to find your Apple ID
Step 3. Tap on reset your password and after that click on “Continue.”
Step 4. Choose “Two-factor authentication” if your account had this enabled previously.
Step 5. You will be asked to enter the mobile number associated with your 2-factor authentication.
Step 6. After entering the phone number, you will be offered to reset your password from a trusted device for example from your Mac
Step 7. Choose a device that you are sure you have access to. You will then receive an alert on your Mac with a link to System Preferences > iCloud and the option to Reset Password
Step 8. Enter your new password and once successful you can use it to sign in iCloud.
Reset iCloud password on two-factor authentication

Way #4: Find your Apple ID if you have forgotten it

As you may have noted in the steps above to reset your iCloud password, you require an Apple ID. There comes a time when you cannot even remember that Apple ID and you can recover it through the following steps.

Step 1. Open a browser from your PC, Mac or Smartphone and load to find your Apple ID.
Step 2. Click on “If you forgot your Apple ID, you could look it up.” Then key in the first and last name associated with the Apple ID and also your email. Also, type in the captcha provided to prove you are not a robot
Step 3. Once done click continue.
Find your Apple ID

If matching information is found then you will be provided with your Apple ID. If not, repeat the whole process with any prior email you might have used.

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Steps of using Umate Pro to Erase iPhone

Note: For resetting iCloud Account without Password, firstly, you should make sure that "Find my iPhone" is turned off.

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reset icloud account

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