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Learn to Delete Everything on iPhone 7

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Tata Davis

July 18, 2016 (Updated: May 6, 2017锛

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Deleting everything including text messages, photos, documents just to mention a few from iPhone could be a big task to many users. So then, the question comes to mind. Why you want to delete everything from your iPhone? Do you want to sell your iPhone 7? Do you want to get enough space? Obviously, it could be a sentimental value or some important information you may want to hide more to the point forget about it entirely. Is it possible to delete everything on iPhone?

Well, yes. It is possible to delete everything but it's not guaranteed to delete everything and it can really depend on the model of your iPhone 7 and how comfortable you are with working with computers. I can't give detailed examples of how to delete everything on every single iPhone but I can certainly give you a few pointers on where you can start.

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Delete Everything on iPhone 7 by Factory Reset

Factory reset can resolve issues with iPhone or iPad in reference to crashing or freezing, erasing data from your iPhone 7 before selling it. It is usually done after back up.
In order to reset your iPhone, go to settings, next general and then reset. Select erase all content and setting. A pop up shows which will request to enter password. After a successful confirmation, a warning box appears with an option to erase iPhone 7. Tap to continue. Enter your Apple ID to confirm the action, then it automatically delete everything on iPhone.

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Using an iPhone to do all of your work is not an uncommon thing, but when things go wrong, things can really spiral out of control (you can often fall behind on work and miss deadlines), not to mention the fact that we also use our iPhones for social reasons (such as talking to friends on Facebook) and for keeping up to date with current events in the world. There are times when we must delete everything on iPhone 7 especially when selling out your iPhone.

Permanently Erase All Data On Your iPhone

Erasing data from your iPhone 7 can be done with iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac. This tool helps to restore your iPhone to its new state. It's like cleaning out the iPhone completely and starting from scratch.

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Deleting data from your iPhone may cost hundreds of dollars if you take it to an iPhone 7 technician. This is why people like to try and delete everything from their iPhones themselves.

Here are three tips to follow for when permanently erasing everything on your iPhone 7:

鈥 Download and run the program, then connect your iPhone to computer with a USB cable.
鈥 Be sure to have successful connection, once done a window pops up.
鈥 Click on 鈥淓rase All Data鈥 to permanently delete everything on iPhone 7.

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Umate Pro Provide 4 Erasing Modes to Choose According to Your Need

Mode 1 1-click space saving

1-click space saving is a one time, easy and safe solution of freeing up space on iPhone 7. This offer present options where you can operate several space-releasing works to your iPhone including removing junk files, clearing temporary files, compressing and deleting large files. The data can easily be recovered with data recovery software.

Mode 2 Erase deleted files

Deleting files from iPhone requires a simple delete operation, most deleted files and other important personal data won鈥檛 completely be deleted from iPhone 7 because those files still exist and could easily be recovered by some IOS data recovery software.

In order to erase completely deleted files from iPhone or iPad permanently use a third party tool such as iMyFone Umate Pro. This tool allow you to permanently and completely erase deleted data on iPhone including photos, videos, text messages, contacts just to mention a few with no data recovery restoring them back.

Mode 3 Erase private data

Privacy is key in iPhone as it plays a vital role in our daily life through messaging, social networking, payment and business. This comes into play when you consider selling your iPhone 7. The best way to prevent personal information being leaked is to completely erase totally every sensitive data.

Mode 4 Erase all data

There are times downloading files takes time as compared to deleting data. This account is due to the fact that deleting a file only removes the door to the data and labels it ready to be overwritten. In actual fact, the information is still kept on the iPhone memory and which can be recovered with available technology. iMyFone Umate Pro ensures a safety and reliable means of permanently deleting everything on iPhone and protecting personal information.

It is your first time in formatting your own iPhone then it is best and ideal to get a more reliable and efficient tool. Look up to iMyFone Umate Pro.

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