Does iMobie iPhone Clean Answers “How to Clean My iPhone?” – A Review

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The present decade is run by smartphones. Be it paying your electricity bill, booking a movie ticket or simply browsing the net, your iPhone or smartphone takes up all the heat. Such high usage also requires equal maintenance, especially when it comes to cookies and junk files. Therefore, if your iPhone is falling slow or is facing lag issues, you may wonder, "How to clean my iPhone?" Well, in such cases, software such as iMobie phone comes to the rescue.

What is an iMobie iPhoneCleaner?

When your phone’s RAM starts struggling under the burden of junk files and your processor finds it difficult to breathe through the heaps of cookies, an iMobie iPhoneCleaner helps you to bring your smartphone back to life.

These softwares provide hands-free cleaning, speeding up the processor as well as secure perfectly encrypted privacy protection. With this iPhone clean software, you will be able to keep your smartphone working in top notch condition.

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iMobie Clean – Some Pros and Cons:

iMobie clean finds its primary use in clearing out app caches, temporary files, cookies, photo caches and various others. But, before, one opts for this software, it is better to keep track of the benefits and drawbacks this software provides. Here is a review.


1 A remarkable tool box

The toolbox used in iMobie iPhone clean software provides a plethora of options. Right from junk files and irrelevant cookies, it equips you with calendars, lists, duplicate contacts and much more.

2 Audience-centric

With a customer review of 4.8 out of 5, iMobie phone caters to every group of audience using an iDevice. It does not take up much space, is highly optimized and allows installation irrespective of the OS.

3 Clean unnecessary photos

Photos take up a lot of space. With iMobie iPhone clean software, you can erase all excess jpeg and gif files from your system. Its three step cleaning feature lets you select and delete photos with respect to their size in memory.


However, in spite of being termed as one of the best iPhone cleaner, this software projects a few drawbacks that one should not ignore.

1 Navigation difficulties

Accessing the itinerary of features requires you to scroll through its highly complicated user interface. iMobie has opted for a drop down and hidden view which sometimes makes it difficult to navigate through the necessary menus.

2 Bugs in silent clean

Be careful when clicking on that "silent clean" button. It is kind of buggy that causes the cleaning process to go on even after disconnecting your iPhone from the PC or Mac.

3 Complications

If you ask, "How to clean my iPhone?" the majority of users will recommend you iMobie phone clean due to its litany of features. However, be ready to face the complexities of operation that often trouble users while optimizing their phone through this software.

The Desired Threshold

Quite often before opting for the best iPhone cleaner, users have certain expectations in their mind. These generally reflect the convenience of features that any user would want in their software. Mentioned below are few:

  1. Speed:
    Reliable iPhone clean software should be fast and nimble. It should be optimized so as to take minimum space as well use least resources from the processor.
  2. Cloud deletion:
    With the advent of iCloud, almost all gets saved automatically online. While this is useful, sometimes it can prove dreadful if your account falls into the wrong hands. Therefore a reliable software should allow a user to delete files even from the cloud without accessing the same.
  3. WPA2 security levels:
    iPhone cleaning software claim of providing security to the device as well. Such security should be WPA2 certified at least to prevent access of private data by a third party or unwanted users.
  4. 4.iTunes independency:
    Deletion of data can sometimes be of urgent importance. The best iPhone cleaner should allow deletion without the requirement of an iTunes connection.
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Similar Softwares

In addition to iMobie phone clean, a number of other software are on the market today. They claim to be reliable, fast and efficient in their purpose. Some of the noteworthy software includes:

1 iMyfone Umate Pro

This software available as an app claims to delete more than 30 types of files. Moreover, it also allows recovering storage, managing and deleting apps as well as optimizing cache use. With iMyFone Umate’s Pro version or iMyFone Umate’s Pro for Mac version, you can get the facility to delete files permanently even from the backed up data.

Windows version Mac version

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2 iFreeUp

If your sole aim is to optimize your iPhone or iPad, then iFreeUp can also be a choice. It clears up ram and frees your cache of excess recyclable data.

ifree up clean

3 Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro

This app claims to be a perfect substitute for iTunes in addition to providing cleansing features. One can help himself by simply connecting his device to the computer and use this app to perform necessary optimization.

Tenorshare iPhone care pro

A Final Verdict

The questionnaire regarding, "How to clean my iPhone", is quite broad. While iMobie looks to be a promising app, yet one should go for a detailed market analysis in terms of performance and optimization before making the final selection.